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Cheetah Conservation Volunteer Project in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa
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Minimum age

from 18 years


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Language skills

Good english knowledge

About this position

Overview: cheetah conservation project in Cape Town, South Africa

The Wild Cat Farm project is all about the animals! We believe in the rights and protection of animals. The farm is home to a variety of wild animals such as lions, cheetahs, servals, caracals, black footed cats, the mischievous meerkats and more. The farm acts as a home to wild cats that are not able to be released back into the wild, as well as a nursery for cubs that are brought to the farm by neighbouring breeders to be hand-raised before they are relocated onto reserves. The farm is currently applying to become an animal sanctuary in the Free State region and you can be a part of this amazing transition. In order for us to become a sanctuary, we need to clear the farm of all alien vegetation, make it suitable for the indigenous wildlife, and create enclosures for animal rehabilitation. Volunteers will contribute physically, allowing the farm to care for more animals.

What to expect

Description: cheetah conservation project in Cape Town, South Africa

The farm offers you an opportunity to work/interact with the animals and gain exposure to all activities from cleaning, building enclosures, feeding, playing with the animals and much more, as well as the opportunity to unwind in a relaxing setting.
  • Work hands on with the big cats such as lions and cheetahProject Highlights:
  • Work hands on with small cats such as caracals and servals
  • Live a few metres from the lions and cheetah enclosures
  • Experience firsthand all aspects of the animals’ life
  • Be part of a very passionate team
  • Learn about conservation and Africa’s wild animals
  • Experience hand rearing of wild cat youngsters
  • Experience the farm animals living free amongst the wild animals
  • Interact and play with wild animals 
Volunteer tasks: Volunteers will help with the daily running of the farm which include: 
  • Fence patrols – daylight guided walks around the farm to check areas of the electric fence which require fixing
  • Road maintenance
  • Cleaning of enclosures
  • Educational tours for guests
  • Alien plant removal
  • Building and extending an enclosure for the new animal sanctuary
  • Feeding and socialising with the animals and cubs
  • Preparing food and cleaning the animal kitchen and refrigerators 
Extra Information: The animals that live permanently on the farm are animals that were rescued and can’t be released for many reasons, usually because of injury and an inability to hunt. These animals are kept in enclosures and used for educating the public and raising awareness. Volunteer Requirements: 
  • CV/Résumé
  • Basic level of competency in English
  • Copy of return flight itinerary
  • Availability of position
  • Medium level of fitness
Volunteers will work 5-6 days a week.                                                                                                                               

Itinerary of your stay abroad

Volunteer abroad program

Start date of project

The volunteer projects run throughout the year. Therefore, we are open for your individual suggestion, which we are going to propose to our partner organisation.

Time of arrival

We recommend to arrange an arrival a few days prios to the start of the volunteer project. You can move in to your guest family up to 3 days before the official project start at no additional costs. You then have enough time to recover from the long flight, get to know your host family and make your first trips.

Arrival at the Airport

Arriving in a new country is always exciting. We want your arrival to be as relaxed as possible. One of the staff members of our partner organization will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your host family or your shared flat. He/she will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name on it. If you cannot find a flight at the desired date, don’t worry. You can choose another one a few days earlier or later.

Orientation program

Within the first days of your arrival one of the team members of our partner organisation will pick you up and show you around. You will get to know the country and its people and you will be informed about Do’s and Dont’s. The program will be held with more volunteers at the same time. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know like-minded globetrotters. Your local contact person will provide you with further useful hints for a good starting point into a new lifestyle.

The project starts

On the first day of your project, you are usually accompanied by a member of our local partner who will answer all of your questions. The further project days your local contact person will always be available for you via phone if you have any concerns or issues to share with somebody.

Free time & weekend

The weekend is totally yours! You may ask your local contact person from our partner organisation about upcoming events, sights, shopping tips or other must see’s. On some days there will be field trips organized by our partner organization. We recommend you to join them as it is always fun to experience a new country with others. 


You shall contact your local contact person a few days prior to your departure to inform about options for your airport drop-off. It will not be included in the services of the volunteer projects, but our expert will help you organize it.

Ready to get started?

Cheetah Conservation Volunteer Project in Cape Town, South Africa

Flexible dates

from 4 weeks

from 18 years

Good english knowledge


1450 EUR

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Your accommodation

Accommodation Volunteering in South Africa

Volunteers have the chance to live in a host family or an international living community. Please ask for an exact program fee, as living in a shared community is usually subject to an additional weekly fee. Host family: Staying with a host family is a very special opportunity to experience the daily life in South Africa. You will live with a host family in a middle class neighbourhood in Cape Town. You have a private, furnished room available, you will be supplied with 3 meals a day (on weekdays there is a lunch box) and most families also wash your clothes with free delivery. Bed linen & towels are provided. Our families are spread all over Cape Town. We personally visit all of our families before we include them in our program. We cannot always guarantee to find a family within walking distance. (you might need to take the bus, train) International living community: These are mostly houses with 4-8 rooms, which are rented by local and international students, interns, volunteers, young professionals or other young people. You can find contacts and friends very quickly. Often numerous roommates are new in Cape Town and you can visit the city together. All rooms are furnished. Bed linen are provided, towels have to be brought to the house. Wireless Internet is also usually present (in some homes with extra charge). All shared apartments are equipped for self-catering, there are fully equipped kitchens with refrigerator, stove, etc. Here you can cook alone or together. Food prices in South Africa can be compared with Germany. We work with selected providers of student accommodation in Cape Town. Please request the exact fees for an accommodation in a shared living community, because this is always associated with a higher fee. The prices listed always apply for accommodation in a host family.

Our Service

Services for the cheetah project in Cape Town, South Africa

The fee includes:

  • Placement in the project
  • Accommodation in a backpacker
  • T-Shirt of the project
  • Welcome package with SIM card and useful information
  • Return transfer to Johannesburg airport
  • Weekly updates and news
  • Intern and volunteer meetings
  • Contact person
  • Donation of 100 Euro to the project

What's not included:

  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Daily transfer to the projects
  • Insurances
  • Personal expenses

  • Please check the dates and availabilities before applying for the program. 
  • If you decide to live in a shared flat you may have to pay a deposit of about 140 EUR to 350 EUR to the rental, which will be refunded after your stay.
Our local team
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Our local team

Your coordinator in Cape Town

"My name is Jana Williams, I am originally from Germany, but living in South Africa for 8 1/2 years. Nearly 6 years of those I stayed in the mother city of Cape Town. I am now managing all internship and volunteer placements for Studentsgoabroad Cape Town. During my studies of Social Work I did internships abroad myself. I have been to London, India and even in Cape Town which was 12 years ago. While still living in Germany I started placing interns in Southern African countries and always enjoyed this activity. This activity is interesting, exciting, versatile and most of all positive, as a stay abroad always enlarges the personal horizon.

Learn more about Jana here!