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Trip | Internship in Dominican Republic

Medical internship in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
Quick Facts
about this position

Working hours


Minimum age

from 18 years


medical studies

Language skills

Good english knowledge

About this position

Overview: medical internship in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

The Medical observation and experience Program offers the chance to develop a greater understanding of medical and healthcare services in the developing world, while contributing to your personal and professional development. Especially medical volunteers with experience in human medicine are welcome to join this project. You will work side by side with the medical staff at the hospital in Las Terrenas. While taking part in this project you will experience the stark contrast between Western medical practice and the realities of medicine in developing countries.

What to expect

Description: medical itnernship in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

As a medical intern you will work along side the doctors and nurses of this hospital. Your tasks will be assigned to you according to your previous medical experience and your willingness to get involved. Also, your level of involvement will largely depend upon your Spanish language skills.  You will be creating your own working schedule with the departmental director and you will work at different areas within the local hospital: Maternity, Emergency, Pediatrics, Integral Attention & Prevention for HIV, Tuberculosis and Uterine Cancer. During this observation and experience program you will be shadowing the doctors and nurses and you will be able to get hands on experience depending on your qualifications and language skills. As with any medical service, volunteers should recognize that their schedules are subject to sudden change and are dictated by patients' needs. Your tasks as a medical intern:

  • Assist doctors and nurses during their work
  • Participate in patient care: comfort patients and assist in examining patients
  • Observe, shadow and assist medics and paramedics
  • Provide ambulance support when needed
  • Encourage and teach prevention, hygiene and checkups
  • Assist with domiciliary health services, assistance, hygiene and information

Requirements for interns:The key requirements for a medical intern are initiative, enthusiasm, and readiness to work in unfamiliar circumstances. The medical program is available for elective students, medical students with free holiday time, pre-university students and also students taking, or planning to take, specialist medical courses such as biomedical science, nursing and physiotherapy. These placements are particularly suited to medical and dentist students, and for electives.  More specialized skills will allow for more specialized activities (an advanced level of experience and conversational Spanish language skills open up even more opportunities). We welcome anyone thinking of taking up nursing or midwifery or already training to be a nurse or a midwife.  Availability: Throughout the whole year.

Itinerary of your stay abroad

Start of the internship

All internships are available the whole year. So you can flexibly choose the right date for your start and we will coordinate it between you and the organization.

Time of arrival

It is always more comfortable to arrive a few days before the actual start of your internship. You won't only avoid stress, but also you time to get over the jetlag.  As soon as our local partner will get your data of arrival , he will settle all details with your accommodation.If you are living with a host family, you can move in up to three days earlier with no further charges. You will have enough time to relax after your long trip, to make some first excursions and to get to know your environment, your host family as well as the countryside and people.

Arrival at Las Americas International Airport

After your arrival you will picked up by a driver of our local partner organization who will take you to the nearest bus terminal Santa Domingo about 10 minutes away. You will receive a ticket from the driver and then take the Bus to Santa Barbara de Samana, which is a 2 hours drive.If you plan to arrive in the afternoon, at another airport or reach the Dominican Republic on other ways, it is suggested that to look for an accommodation for one night in Santa Domingo and to continue your journey to Samana on the next day. This can also be arranged with our local partner.

Arrival at Samana, El Catey International Airport

After arrival at the airport one of the staff of our partner organization will wait for you and drop you to your accommodation, which is a 40 minutes drive.

Arrival at different airports

Please inform our partner organization in Samana, which airport you are planning to arrive and kindly follow their instructions.

Your first days in Samana

To avoid a cultural shock you will get an instruction to the culture soon after your arrival or just shortly before your first day of work. During this briefing you will get informed about people and culture as well as cultural features and the most important Do’s and Don’ts. Furthermore you will get some insider tips which makes it more easy to find an access into the new lifestyle. And of course also the understanding will get more easy. By the way, your volunteer program includes a language course which will also be helpful for you to settle.

Ready to get started?

Medical internship in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Flexible dates

from 4 weeks

from 18 years

Good english knowledge


1780 EUR

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Your accommodation

Accommodation in the Dominican Republic

There are 2 types of accommodation options available:

Shared living community:

The volunteer/ intern houses are well equipped with electricity, normal toilets, fully equipped bathrooms, common kitchen and a dining area, where you can meet up with the other participants.

Living in a host family:

You also can choose to live with a host family in Samana. All host families are carefully selected and already have experiences with foreign guests. This is a perfect opportunity to experience authentic Caribbean life! You will be accommodated in a private room equipped with bed and cupboard. Furthermore, you will join 2 meals a day with your host family. During your stay you will become a part of the family and can immerse into the Caribbean culture. Also, put your Spanish skills into practice and improve them during everyday conversations. 

Our Service

Service for your internship in the Dominican Republic

What's in:

  • Internship placement
  • Pre-departure support with travel planning, visa, vaccinations etc.
  • Information about flights
  • Airport transfer
  • Bus ticket to Santa Barbara de Samana
  • Organisation of accommodation
  • Information about adventure packages
  • 6 free Spanish lessons per week
  • Contact person during your internship program
  • Free Wifi during your internship (Mo-Fr)
  • 24 hours emergency contact
  • Intern and volunteers meeting
  • Internship certification

What's not in:

  • Airfare
  • National and local transport
  • Meals at the volunteer/intern guesthouse
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel/ medical insurance
Our local team
website image

Our local team

Manfred - local coordinator

Due to his passion for travelling the world, experiencing new cultures and being socially committed, Manfred early decided to work in the field of development aid. Thus, in 1998 he started to organize a street kids projects in Caracas, Venezuela. He mainly took care of international cooperation, cultural exchange and volunteer work.  His efforts in Venezuela have proven that popular, so that he decided to establish a new volunteer program in the Dominican Republic. The more people can be helped, the better! Now he is coordinating volunteers in Samaná, the Dominican Republic, and will become your contact person during your stay in the Caribbean!  Learn more about Manfred here!