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Trip | Volunteer, Conservation Programs in South Africa

Penguin Conservation Volunteer Program in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa
Quick Facts
about this position

Working hours


Minimum age

from 18 years


not required

Language skills

Good english knowledge

About this position

Overview: seabird and penguin conservation program in Cape Town, South Africa

Conservation volunteers in this veterinary and rehabilitation station will work alongside local keepers, in order to conserve endangered or injured seabirds and penguins. Furthermore, volunteers will be given the opportunity to release healthy animals back to nature. This non-profit organization was founded it 1968 and has been specializing in the rescue and care of seabirds and the South African penguin. With the support of the team, consisting of 12 members, the Cape Town's seabird population has already increased by 19 percent.

What to expect

Description: seabird and penguin conservation program in Cape Town, South Africa

During their time in the program, conservation volunteers will encounter many bird species as the South African penguin, the kelp gull and many others. Working with the animals means hands-on work. Volunteers will learn how to catch the birds, and how to treat and feed them. Typical daily volunteer tasks are to prepare food, to clean of the enclosures, the pool, mats and to sterilise food syringes. However, keeping the animals remains the main tasks in this station. Oil-polluted animals are brought to the station very frequently. These birds have to be cleaned at least 4 hours to get rid of the oil. Important note: penguins and other seabirds are wild animals which can bite if you give them the opportunity. Usually, the day starts at 7.30 am. This is the time volunteers will walk to the conservation station. The station is about 10 minutes walking distance from the hostel. Every morning, the team sits together in order to plan the day. Working clothes will be provided by the organization. As a conservation volunteer in the penguin project, you won't get in direct contact with the birds on your first day. You will need time to get used to the birds and to observe their behavior. Usually, you can start feeding the animals in your second week. After 3 weeks of proper voluntary work you may be allowed to keep the animals and to walk inside the enclosure.

Itinerary of your stay abroad

Program: conservation volunteering with penguins in Cape Town, South Africa

Start date of project
The volunteer projects run throughout the year. Therefore, we are open for your individual suggestion, which we are going to propose to our partner organization. Time of arrival
The project starts on Mondays. We recommend to arrive some days earlier to allow yourself some time to adjust.  Arrival at the Airport
Our partner is organizing the pick-up from airport, so you will arrive safely in your accommodation. Get a rest from the long flight and take yourself some time to get used to the new environment. Orientation program
One of the staff or our partner organization will meet you and pass a Sim card to you, provide local tips, and will show you the way to the conservation station. So you won't have any problems to find the station on your first working day. Your projects starts
You will be assigned a supervisor of the conservation station on your first working day. Your supervisor will introduce you to the team and your future volunteer tasks. About 5 to 15 other volunteers might participate in the program at the same time, so you will always have company. Free time & weekend
The weekend is totally yours! You may ask your local contact person from our partner organization about upcoming events, sights, shopping tips or other must see’s. On some days there will be field trips organized by our partner organization. We recommend you to join them as it is always fun to experience a new country with others. Departure
You shall contact your local contact person a few days prior to your departure to inform about options for your airport drop-off. The airport drop is not part of the program fee.

Ready to get started?

Penguin Conservation Volunteer Program in Cape Town, South Africa

Flexible dates

from 6 weeks

from 18 years

Good english knowledge


1680 EUR

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Your accommodation

Accommodation: conservation volunteering with penguins in Cape Town, South Africa

Volunteers will be accommodated in a 4 bedroom dormitory of a backpacker hostel close to the conservation station. Facilities & service:
  • garden with pool and hammock
  • kitchen
  • living room with TV
  • daily cleaning service
  • shared bath room
  • one laundry bag per week free of charge
  • wifi (R 0.60 will be charged per MB)
  • insider and tourist tips
The backpacker hostel is located in Table View, which is part of northern Cape Town. There is a shopping mall nearby and the beach is in approximately 10 minutes walking distance.  There are a plenty of kite surf opportunities in this area. Accommodation in a host family or in an individual hotel room are available on request upon additional costs. Food will not be provided in the backpacker and is not included in the program fee.

Our Service

What's in and what's not in

Services for your volunteer work abroad include the active support in the preparation of your entire stay abroad. The team of our partner organization in each country supports you, wherever you require it: What's included:
  • Placement in a volunteer project according to you demands
  • Information about cheap flights, travel insurances and other important travel documents
  • Accommodation in a backpacker hostel (4 bed dormitory)
  • Airport pick-up
  • Volunteer T-Shirt from the project
  • Donation and participation fee of the conservation station
  • Certificate
  • Emergency contact person
What’s not included:
  • Visa 
  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Food and beverages
Our local team
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Our local team

Your coordinator in Cape Town

"My name is Jana Williams, I am originally from Germany, but living in South Africa for 8 1/2 years. Nearly 6 years of those I stayed in the mother city of Cape Town. I am now managing all internship and volunteer placements for Studentsgoabroad Cape Town. During my studies of Social Work I did internships abroad myself. I have been to London, India and even in Cape Town which was 12 years ago. While still living in Germany I started placing interns in Southern African countries and always enjoyed this activity. This activity is interesting, exciting, versatile and most of all positive, as a stay abroad always enlarges the personal horizon.

Learn more about Jana here!