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Remote internship: professional university internships

Intern abroad: Safe travel programs during COVID-19

Meaningful travels in 2021: Summer school abroad

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Internship and Study Abroad Programs

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No internship is like the other. We will assist you to find the most suitable internship abroad for you. In our trip finder you will find internship positions, where we have placed former interns successfully.

Meaningul travel programs

Besides internship programs we also offer volunteer programs, adventure tours and semester abroad programs. All SGA programs are carefully chosen meaningful travel opportunities.

Guaranteed placements

Before we start the placement process we will check if placement in your desired internship is possible. In case the internship host company does no accept your application, we will help to find alternatives.

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Leave us a message or request advice with our travel experts, for free!

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Professional internships in the U.S.

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Our #1 internship destination

Become an intern in the U.S.! Our internship programs are suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate university students. We will arrange your internship and support you with your J1 visa application.


J1 Visa Service

Our partner in the USA is acknowledged by U.S. authorities to provide the DS 2019 form. If you don't require our internship service, we will also assist you with your J1 visa application only.

Express Visa

If you apply very short term for your U.S. internship, you have the opportunity to use the express visa service!

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in these impact programs

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Samana, Dominican Republic

Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Internship

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Bali, Indonesia

Summer Course in Bali

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Cape Town, South Africa

Surf Outreach Program


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