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Study a Semester Abroad

Study-related stays abroad have a positive effect on the curriculum vitae, personality, and one's own world view. We have known this for a long time, and almost every third student in Germany knows this too. The best thing is that you don't necessarily have to move your place of residence for the entire Bachelor's or Master's degree, but simply move part of your studies abroad. In between times, it's easy to get away for a six-month semester abroad: little organization, no numerus clausus and it's easy on your wallet. Such a semester abroad can hardly be topped in terms of economy. Little effort with the highest possible return - the principle should be familiar to most students and should appeal to them.

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Study Abroad as a Freemover

All universities that are interesting for your semester abroad are unfortunately not related to your home university? Then you are a free-mover and have to organize on your own. The clear advantage for you: you have the full range of countries and universities at your disposal. It will be adventurous!

Semester Programs Abroad

Across the borders of the Erasmus countries

Today still in the well-known lecture hall, tomorrow in the cafeteria in Innsbruck, Utrecht, or London. Sounds good, but can be topped: New York, Cusco, or Bangkok - that leaves much more room for travel fantasies and anticipation, one would think? The fact is, however, that many of the German students who spend a semester abroad don't dare to leave their front door that far. The decision to go to one of Europe's "neighboring countries" for a semester is somehow easier to make than planning a semester in the USA: Or to prepare for the diverse culture in Shanghai. The abundance of money and a heavy heart of homesickness are the main reasons for a decision. But if you want to open up more and see the unique culture from an even more exotic side, you should dare to go overseas and leave the borders of the Erasmus countries.

Learning English during a semester abroad - British or American English?

England is still one of the most popular countries for a semester abroad - but head-to-head with the USA. Of course, anyone who wants to use and refine the English language skills they learned during their studies will come across renowned universities in both countries. Especially for students of cultural studies and linguistics, both destinations offer excellent professional experience. However, London is still far ahead in the statistics: geographically closer, at first glance cheaper, with prestigious universities and a well-known European lifestyle that does not demand as much adaptability. At the same time, a semester abroad in the USA means further education in highly attractive educational locations. In addition, a good part of the costs can be covered by funding opportunities such as Auslands-BAföG. Because if the state is not in the EU, then there is even a chance of receiving a supplement, even for those who were not eligible in Germany.

Preparation is Everything - Checklist Before the Semester Abroad

Do I participate in an affiliate program or do I become a Freemover?

Do I have to apply for a semester off?

When does the semester abroad begin?

What requirements does the university have abroad (language tests, courses)?

How high are the tuition fees?

What are the visa and travel costs?

Is there enough money to live abroad (don't forget foreign insurance)?

What happens during my stay, what has to be done before? (shared room, visits to the doctor, etc.)