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Study in Bali, IndonesiaIrland

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Studying abroad in Bali sounds like a dream come true for those seeking an exotic study abroad destination. Immerse yourself in colorful Indonesian cultures and the traditions, get to know its people, and get active in the local communities.

Quick Facts

From 4 Weeks

Choose from an intensive 4 weeks summer course or a 15 weeks full semester program

Field Studies & Activities

Field studies and activities are a major part of the summer course and the semester program. Your chance to gain hands-on experience!


Achieve up to 30 ECTS Credit Points for the semester program, or 8 ECTS for the summer course.

Study Pograms in Bali



In Bali’s largest university, you have the opportunity to take part in a semester abroad that combines various aspects of Marine Conservation, Marine Biology, and Sustainable Tourism. Numerous case studies and excursions will provide new perspectives on the Marine Ecosystems in the tropics and the impacts of rapid tourism development.


The summer course is an intensive 4- weeks program in July/August, that combines theory and field studies, focusing on 3 different topics:

Mangrove Ecology

Sustainable Tourism

Coral Reef Restauration

This program gives you the perfect opportunity to learn about the biodiversity of Bali and how the community is involved in protecting their beloved island.

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If you participate in the summer course you will be accommodated in a private villa together with all other participants (accommodation, breakfast, and transportation included).

If you have enrolled in our semester program, accommodation is not included and you will have to choose between several accommodation options (not included in the fee). The following accommodation options are available in Bali:

Villa or private house

Most of our students decide to rent out a whole villa during their semester program in Bali. Especially if you travel in a group, this is the most comfortable and affordable way to stay in Bali for a longer term. However, if you want to experience the local way, a villa should not be your first option, as it might get hard to get out of your group and get in touch with locals.


Renting out a villa in Bali secures you a very high living and privacy standard. Almost every villa comes with a pool and a kitchen, so you can always spend some time after university with your friends in your new home. If you fear a cultural shock, this option is definitely the right choice for you.

Quick Overview

250-400 USD per room/month

2-5 bedrooms per villa

private bathrooms


Air condition

Private pool

Community kitchen


If you don't fancy living in a villa, but don't want to share your room with others either, you may have a look at local "homestays". A homestay is the most common option to get a fair-priced private apartment in Indonesia. It refers to an apartment complex, which sometimes belongs to a family house. The prices vary depending on the facilities, however, most rooms come with a private bathroom and air condition. A homestay offers a good balance of privacy and experiencing local life in Bali.


If you decide to live in a homestay in Bali, you may get the chance to get to know the Balinese culture and find local friends. However, you should be confident about living abroad and shouldn't be shy to face language barriers.

Quick Overview

150-320 USD per room/month

single or double bedroom

private bathrooms


Some come with air-conditioner / fan


Especially Indonesians from other islands, who work in Bali, live in so-called kos-kosans. These are single rooms, which are either equipped with a mattress, or have no equipment at all. You need to buy your own furniture. Bathrooms are usually shared.


Only if you have lived in Indonesia before and you are 100% comfortable to live like a local, this might be a good and very cheap option for you. However, room comfort should not be important to you.

Quick Overview

40-110 USD per room/month

mattress or no facilities

shared bathrooms