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How StudentsGoAbroad helps you land your internship.



helps you land your internship.

While searching for a suitable internship abroad you may come across some hurdles and limitations. Especially if you do not have any contacts in the host country or industry of your choice. At StudentsGoAbroad we are specialized in the placement of customized internships and help you to become an intern abroad. Quickly, and without any hassle. Our website provides information about everything you need to know about international internships, volunteering, and adventure tours. Travel reports and blog posts from our travel experts provide a good understanding of the culture and everyday life abroad.

99%+ success rate

Almost all of our applicants are successfully placed in the internships they desire.

15+ years of experience

StudentsGoAbroad is one of the best-in-class educational travel providers.

Expertise in internships

We are specialized when it comes to professional & acknowledge internships.

Only certified companies

All companies in our listings are verified and certified through us. No surprises.

Non-binding validation

We validate for you whether the internship in your desired country is available.

Pro-check of application

Our experienced & professional travel agents will check your application.

Customized search

Our team is there for you, if you are looking for very specific internships.

Acknowledged internships

We list acknowledged internships, that will be recognized by your Uni.

Contract processing

We will help you with the processing of your internship contract.

Travel organization

Our agents are there for you during all phases of travel preparation & coordination.

Local contact person

A local contact will always be there for you in case of questions & concerns.

Safety standards

Our internships are all following a strict safety & health protocol.

Create your own profile to follow the referral process in real-time. Your personal agent will also assist you in finding accommodation and answer all your questions.

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Recognized internships, quick & easy.

Looking for an internship on your own can be tedious. Is it recognized by the University? Is the company reputable? Where is it located? Our consultants have the answers for you.

Still not sure? Here's why you should intern abroad.

Many students or young professional wonder why they should even do their internship abroad? What's the benefit compared to staying at home? We get that question a lot, and that's why we have collected our top 4 reasons for an internship in the international community:


Soft Skills

Gaining soft skills in an international environment will set you apart from others. These skills often relate to problem solving, resilience or flexibility.


International Competence

Enhancing your professional competency while working in a different, international working environment, will up your game and leaves confident in your skills.


Global Network

Joining an international community of professionals locals, which creates a space for intercultural exchange, will expand your personal and professional network.


Personal Growth

Many think interning abroad aims to improve your CV, but more than anything it's the personal growth that comes with it, that will give you a new perspective on life.