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Many of our internships in Vietnam are available with a minimum duration of 4 weeks.

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Professional English language internships, which offer you practical training and at the same time spice up your CV.


The internships in Vietnam offer all requirements to be acknowledged as a mandatory university internship.


The intenship companies are located in Vietnam's capital, Hanoi.

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Marketing and Event Management



Mechanical Engineering

Renewable Energy

Social Work

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Vietnam and Its Largest Cities : a Brief List

We summed up some of the largest cities in Vietnam to give you quick insight into the country

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Street in Hanoi

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Internship in Hanoi

The 6.4 million inhabitants of Hanoi celebrated their city’s 1000th anniversary in 2010. They make the capital of Vietnam the second most populated city in the country, Ho Chi Minh City being the highest population with 7.9 million residents. An array of internship opportunities await you in Hanoi. Depending upon your interests, we can place you in a variety of different business sectors and find you a cozy place to stay, either with a host family or in an apartment. International interns are in high demand among economic and legal departments as well as areas in design, tourism, education, health and engineering. You do not need Vietnamese language skills for your internship with Vietnamese companies. You will get along just fine with English. Generally speaking, in most cases any technical orientation can be mediated between us and the local partner.

Your first time alone in Asia? No worries, the local buddy network will be there for you!

Life in Vietnam is very different from what you are used to in your home town. During your first few weeks you may find yourself in unfamiliar situations or practices that boggle your mind, create questions and perhaps overwhelm you. The local buddy program was established for this purpose exactly. Our local partners to will set you up with a Vietnamese student who will accompany you for the first couple weeks, giving you many insider tips on local food, transport, leisure activities, religion, culture and so on. Together you can take outings and enjoy some free time. Contact with your buddy will continue over the entire length of the internship for any questions or concerns on daily life in Hanoi. Who knows better about life in Vietnam than a local resident? Don’t miss this chance to gain insights from a Vietnamese student.