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Testimonial ++ Volunteer ++ Dominican Republic

Fantasía en Samaná: 5 Weeks as IT Volunteer in the Dominican Republic

“To conclude, I can say that these five weeks had been such a leading, exciting, and great experience which I’d highly recommend to each one of you, especially fresh graduates who want to broaden your horizons and are full of zest for action.”

A Solo Traveler Who Never Felt Solo, in South America

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Never had I felt alone, for the people around me were always so aware and helpful. The safety and friendliness towards ‘outsiders’ in Samana was really striking, in the most positive manner. I lived in a shared flat with three other volunteers in the middle of a housing complex. Besides sharing the bathroom and kitchen, I also had my own room that was functioned as a place for refuges. From there, a community was built.

About the Organization and My Days as Volunteer

The organization in the Dominican Republic at the moment was only a start-up because they had to move from Venezuela due to the critical political situation. But for me, it just gave me more sense of freedom and opportunities to contribute.

I never felt bored or tired with my routines as a volunteer, in fact, it helped me grow internally as an individual. Each volunteer has the chance to help based on their skills or passion. I, myself, help in the areas of IT, Social Media Marketing, and a little bit of teaching children with disabilities. We were allowed to create our own schedule and module, so our contributions were really optimized.

Off-Volunteering Experience

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On the Weekends, the volunteers including me did a lot of trips around the peninsula of Samana. It was such a good break from all the routines. Almost every week, we would go on a boat trip to the famous Bacardi Island or Los Haitises, one of the most famous national parks in the Dominican Republic.

It was my intention to see as much as I could during my short stay, so I really enjoyed traveling around. One particular thing that I found interesting is the traditional night-life: the Dominican duet dancing, without western influence.

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