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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ Great Britain

Law Internship in London, a Lovely Journey

"It's like seeing the other side of London; I had a hard time saying goodbye, I got such lovely friends and family who were so dear to me."

Despite its coldness, London had kept me warm during my 2-months internship period in a Law Firm, UK

Some time ago I applied for an internship in London, which I had always wanted to do during my semester break. I was very fortunate to receive a swift response from StudentsGoAbroad followed by more information and details about the internship program. It did not take me long to define my decision and prepare my trip to London. As soon as I did a consultation with StudentsGoAbroad expert, I was forwarded to the potential company immediately. Long story short, I got the internship position! Though the preparation was a little rushy for me, everything was well taken care of. From accommodation to administration, all was settled by the time I arrived in London.

Experience Maker, Mentality Shaper

The law firm I did my internship for, in London, has several office-branches in different areas and cities. During my internship period, I had been working in the Criminal Law Department, where I had the chance to learn something new since my original study would relate more to the Family Law Department. After the first two days, my range of tasks and responsibilities was widened, hence I had to handle things I had not had the capabilities to, and that was an extremely challenging point of my internship. But with constant loving support from my colleagues, slowly but surely I managed to handle all of my tasks professionally. Besides experience, my colleagues were one of the best things I could get from this internship, they always showed great care and support.

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Besides working, I also got a lot of time to explore the town, even from my tasks. I would be sent to the courts or requested to pick up evidence at the police station, some other time, as simple as bringing some copies to other partnership law firms. At one point, I had to send some documents to Cardiff, which took me 2 hours to get there by train. After the job was done, I spent the rest of my day in Cardiff and was fairly delighted by the whole experience.

Loving Friends and ‘Family’

To say goodbye to the people who had supported me especially during my internship period was one of the hardest things to do. My friends had always backed me up whenever needed, and my host family was a loving family of all females. In the house, there also lived another girl from Brazil who was at the moment studying in London. She helped me so much during my first few weeks getting in London.

Most Sundays we would all sit together as a family to have lunch or dinner together. I would say I got along very well with my host family. Everyone treated me as if I was part of the family, and since the family was Greek rooted, we often ate Greek food. It was such an incredible intercultural experience.ble Mountain National Park.

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a Little Message for You

My Time in London has been such an incredible experience. I met amazing people, I got to dig deeper into the country, and most importantly, my journey has helped me become a more confident individual. If there is a slight spark in you after reading this, don't hold it back. Create the possibilities, Just. Do. It!

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