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Internship in Ghana

Starting from 2 Weeks

Many of our internships in Ghana are available with a minimum duration of 2 weeks.

Professional Internships

Some of the internships in Ghana are job-specific internships that can be acknowledged as a mandatory university internship.

International Experience

You will grow not only professionally but also personally during your stay in Ghana.


The internships are located in Accra.

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Katharina Bauer

Let us know more about your goals and ideas, and we will gladly advise you individually and personally.

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Volunteers' Story : Overwhelming Construction Project in Ghana

Christopher and Matthias shared their overwhelming experience in Ghana, as volunteers in one of the building projects; this is their story.

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Orphanage Project in Ghana

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3 Steps to an Internship in Ghana


The first step of your registration is to contact us. Create a profile and complete your data as well as your preferences for the internship.

We will then contact you to arrange a consultation with you (free of charge).

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Arrange a consultation with us! Here we provide you with information on how far your desired internship in Ghana can be implemented and corresponds to your personal goals. We are also happy to clarify further questions about the placement.

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If all the requirements for your internship in Ghana are met, we can start the placement process and send your application to our team in Accra. This step is mandatory and a certain amount of deposit is required.

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Here we'd like to briefly introduce you to the team from our partner office in Ghana. Prince and his colleagues will help you through your internship, organize everything you need, and help you with all your questions. They will gladly pass on their insider knowledge to you - so that your time as a globetrotter will be the highlight of your life!

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Why complete an internship in Ghana?

An internship abroad in Ghana? Sure, why not! Ghana is certainly a rather uncommon destination for an internship abroad and certainly not a top destination for a marketing internship. But an internship in Ghana has a lot to offer which you could never get in any western country – adventure and the thrills of African culture: colorful markets, oppressive heat, friendly Africans and breathtaking landscapes.

Internship Guide in Ghana

Country Information - Ghana

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Travel Planning - Ghana

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Visa - Ghana

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Accommodation - Ghana

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Must Knows & Sees: Accra

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Experience Ghana

Acknowledged Medical Training in Ghana

In case you are in the middle of your medicine studies, you’ll have probably already stumbled upon the medical nursing practice. Our internship in a hospital in Ghana can be recognized as a medical training without any troubles. Our partner hospitals in Ghana fulfill all the necessary criteria that apply to the required nursing practice. Since there are personnel gaps in almost all areas of the hospital, your personal responsibilities can be designed according to your requirements and interests.

Medical Training Internship in the Volta Region

The Volta Region is a region in the southeast of Ghana. The people living in this region earn their livelihood mainly with agriculture and therefore belong to the lower class of the population. As in almost every African country, the health system in Ghana is not as well developed as we know it from back home. Often there is a lack of health facilities and not enough staff. As an intern in a hospital, you can not only gain valuable medical experience for your own future, but you will also actively help the local people and contribute to an improvement of the overall situation.

Volunteer Work in Ghana

In Ghana there is not only on the medical sector a lot of help required but also in many other sectors. In the scope of a volunteer work, you can engage yourself in many different projects and support local people. Many of these projects can also be recognized as an internship due to their areas of work and activities.