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Testimonial ++ Volunteer ++ Ghana

Age is Just a Number : Renovating Orphanage's Dormitories in Ghana

"Despite the fact that I am 45 years old, nothing stopped me from joining a social program abroad, and the decision made was near to perfection!"

My Arrival in Accra

The arrival in Accra went pretty smoothly: we were picked up by our local contact person and went to a hotel where we spent the first night. If you have never been to Africa before, you really have to get used to it first: it’s astonishing. But you’ll feel comfortable pretty soon!

Our Host Family in Ho

The next morning we continued our trip to Ho on a so-called tro-tro. Without the support of our contact person, it probably wouldn’t have been that easy as the bus terminals in Accra are quite exceptional. Finally arrived in Ho we were placed in our host families who welcomed us really friendly and open-minded. After a few days, everyone really felt at home; every day someone cooked for us – so you get three meals if you want to.

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Last but Not Least: The Orphanage

The next day Prince, the director of the organization in Ghana, informed us in detail about the institution and the work we wanted to do there. He showed us the area and last but not least: the orphanage. We got to know the children, the local circumstances and decided to renovate the dormitories of the kids. After having collected an adequate amount of money from some friends, we bought some colors to paint the walls; we built new beds and organized some new mattresses. After 4 weeks we could leave the place – knowing that we achieved something really useful. The laughter of the kids was our reward.

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