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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ Spain

Marcus' Honest Interview: Internship Abroad to Barcelona, Why Not?

From His Routines to Favorite Getaway, Markus Shares His Internship Experience and Gives Out Some Tips to Enhance Your Meaningful Trip to Barcelona!

1. Thinking about the time you've spent in Barcelona, what will be your best three words to describe the city?

Fun - I got to know many interesting people

Warm - The summer in Barcelona can get really hot

Environmental - The environmental projects were eye-opening to me

2. What does 'Typically Spanish' mean to you?

'Typically Spanish' to me means being late, relaxed; but not only in terms of punctuality. It applies to almost every aspect of life, Disfrutar La Vida! Spaniards really know how to enjoy life, and that can be seen especially from the 'laidback' approach of their lifestyle.

Though, certain things are not so pleasant for me. Sometimes I would be sitting in a restaurant waiting for someone to hand me the menu, but by doing that I would only get ignored. I'd have to actively gain the staff's attention to get myself served.

3. In what kind of company and field are you doing your internship?

I am working for a non-profit organization or an NGO. Sometimes surfing and yoga events are also held along with beach cleaning. To me, it's mostly about having fun while doing something good for the planet. Our main targets are the youth and surfers, and that makes it especially fun because most of our clients are about the same age as mine.

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Footage of Markus in Barcelona during His Internship Period

4. Tell us more about the company you are doing your internship with!

I am working in a quite big company, with a multicultural workforce, whose aim is to convey luxury hotels. My colleagues are from all over the world: Germany, Russia, Italy, France, England, the USA, and many more!

It is so different from my hometown, and I feel like I just want to stay here forever :)

5. Do you think that you internship is going to help you boost your career opportunities? if so, how?

Yes, definitely. I am now working in a start-up, and that is extremely interesting to me because I am inspired to start my own company too. Here, I can learn all the basics and foundations on how to do it properly by seeing how the company is being built.

Markus' Top 5 Must-Do in Barcelona!

  • Visiting city beaches, one of the suggested one is Barceloneta

  • Visiting the cervecerias and enjoy cold Spanish beer

  • Having tapas in random bars

  • Dancing in a luxurious beach club

  • Watch the sunrise at the beach, climbing on top of a jungle gym

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6. Typical day in Barcelona?

During weekdays my alarm goes off at 8:20 am, I will usually sleep for another 30 minutes before heading off to the office and start working at 9:30. At lunch, we always go to the Chinese restaurant nearby and I always order number 30! I finish work by 6 pm and sometimes make my way to the beach to play volley, a swim, or just a visit to some beach bars; therefore, most of the time I will be home quite late.

7. Are you taking Spanish lessons? or did you meet any opportunities to improve your Spanish?

No, I am not taking Spanish lessons, but I do have Spanish intercambios. Two Spanish girls who hang out with me and help me learn a bit more of Spanish, over our bilingual interactions.

8. How about the people? New friends?

Personally I think it is quite easy to make friends with people since they are nice and I am naturally an extroverted individual. So making new friends is not a problem at all, provided the fact that I was once moved to another city during my previous career, so I already experienced being in a new circle and building connections from zero.

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9. What do you think will you miss the most when you are back home?

I think I may get irritated over people back in my hometown trying to plan everything and getting all stressed over it. I will definitely miss the sun and the laidback atmosphere!

10. What is the most enjoyable experience or thing(s) to do during your stay?

That will definitely be building an indoboard all by ourselves, at work. You will need an indoboard to help train your balance in surfing, before getting in the water. It felt so nice to build something yourself and witness the result which you can profit from. I felt proud of myself.

Little Notes for You!

  • Don't carry your money in purse, the chance of it getting stolen is there. I would usually just keep a bit of money hidden in my phone case.

  • Get a Kickboard (I do!) or simply a bicycle to go around the town. The metro in summer is disgusting, for me it's too hot at the station and too cold on the train. You would really want to do something to avoid it.

  • Eat out! Restaurant and Little Bars are pretty cheap here and the food is amazing.

  • Don't bother being on time, seriously, except on your first day of internship ;)

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