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Internship in Mauritius

Starting from 4 Weeks

Many of our internships in Mauritius are available with a minimum duration of 4 weeks.

Professional Internships

Professional English language internships, which offer you practical training and at the same time spice up your CV.


The internships in Mauritius offer all requirements to be able to be acknowledged as a mandatory university internship.


The internships are located in Flic-en-Flac and Port Louis

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Environmental Studies

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Reasons Why : Mauritius is The Perfect Place to Be

Nature and Culture, Mauritius is going to please while spicing your trip up with its beauty and surprises! Take a quick peek!


Port Louis, Mauritius

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    Internship in Mauritius

    If you like to juggle figures, you can expect to find an exciting internship in financial accounting in a young consulting company with a large number of local and international customers. How would you differentiate the product appeal between males and females? Explore these strategies and more with an internship in sales. This field has absolutely no relation to the door to door vacuum sales from the 80s. Computer science has developed rapidly since the 1980s. If you want to follow your passion for the World Wide Web in Mauritius, we recommend an internship in the field of computer science with a digital marketing company. Your future professional life in the big world of marketing will appreciate the benefits of training early, giving you the advantage of gaining practice and knowledge in important areas. An internship in marketing is just the thing for you if you are a dedicated, team player with English language skills. Perhaps you see your future self in a job in the field of luxury hospitality. Through an internship in one of the leading hotels in Mauritius you can get a taste of the various departments in hotel management. Internships are offered either in the capital Port Louis or in the touristy village of Flic-en-Flac.

    Internship Guide in Mauritius

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    Field Reports from Mauritius

      Discover Mauritius

      Mauritius – a special internship destination

      As a tax haven Mauritius attracts more international SMBs and large corporations. Multilingualism, cultural diversity and its proximity to Africa and Europe make it a very appealing location. Therefore, an internship here would be particularly appropriate for you if you're interested in culture and linguistics and seeking to gain knowledge in economics, tourism or computer sciences through practical experience. And with all that, there is still plenty of leisure time to explore this paradise!

      More than just an internship

      Interning offers many benefits to you personally and professionally. However, work is not everything. Relish on one of a kind experiences as you travel around the island, seeing new sites, visiting hotspots and interacting with the locals, listening to the exciting stories that they love to share.

      "What all Mauritians have in common is that they have nothing in common."

      In Mauritius stories of the locals are incredibly varied due to its immense diversity of cultures, religions, and languages. Historically the island is characterized by colonization – and just about every country has left her legacy. Immerse yourself in the international flavor and become part of history.

      THE Paradise for Divers

      Mauritius’s heavenly beauty gets even better under water. Envision the beautiful scene before you as you lie on the white sand beach of Flic-en-Flac under the shade of slightly curved coconut palm trees, gazing out at the turquoise-shimmering water, and now try to imagine just how colorful and interesting things will get under the water’s surface. The underwater world of Mauritius offers some intriguing highlights for divers. Amid the coral reef one can admire sea anemones, boxfish, trumpet fish and angelfish, just to name a few. With luck you may see the majestic lionfish hover over you, but be careful, it is poisonous! For the more adventurous divers, there are also many tours that take you farther out to sea, one of which is off of Port Louis. Here you will find tuna and barracuda. And haven’t you always wanted to dive with sharks?

      May we present to you...the Dodo!

      As you prowl into the nature of Mauritius you will come across many unique animals that are only found here. There was a time when you could have found even more varieties, however, the destruction of the forests and the importation of alien species has led to the extinction of many of these unique species.

      The most prominent example is the dodo, the national bird of Mauritius. The dodo was a rather lazy bird that originally had no enemies. He never needed to hide or flee from anything. Their undoing began as more and more sailors discovered the island. Although they are now extinct, today you can still encounter some form of the dodo anywhere and everywhere. He is the emblem of Mauritius and can be found on all kinds of souvenirs. So how about a dodo t-shirt? A dodo mug? A dodo bag? A wood dodo? Glass? Porcelain? Shell? You name it, they make a dodo of it!

      What does the world cost?

      Granted, Mauritius is not the world, but the island is linked to a particularly valuable collector's item: The Blue and Red Mauritius postage stamps. In 1847 these two postage stamps were published as the first stamps of Mauritius. Since the island was a British colony at the time, Queen Victoria adorns the stamps. Today, there are less than 15 copies, which is why they are very popular among collectors. A letter stamped by both the Red and Blue Mauritius, changed hands at an auction in 1993 for approximately 5.7 million USD.

      Well, you may not have to plan this budget for your internship course in Mauritius. What you expect to spend during a period of a month depends heavily on your personal lifestyle. It’s easy to save on your spendings if you stick to local foods and dishes. This way you can definitely live a lot cheaper than you would in Canada, USA or Australia. However, those who prefer to enjoy international cuisine will of course pay the price, since many of these foods and ingredients are imported. The situation is similar with accommodations. Apartments and hotels closest to the beach will rent for a much higher price range than those a few blocks away, as is the usual for most beach towns. Accordingly, the monthly cost of living may vary approximately between 500 and 1,000 USD. Studentsgoabroad personally helps you with these figures so you can easily estimate the cost of your overseas adventure.

      So are you yearning to go to Mauritius? Anticipation is the greatest joy. If you are itching to know more and get started on your travel planning, rummage through these questions that once preyed on the minds of former interns.