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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ Great Britain

Laura Shares Her 2-Months of Internship Experience in London

Bingo! Laura totally hit the Bull's eye: not only has she got to experience London for two months, but she has also got a paid internship!

I was lucky enough to be able to do my internship in London, but better than that a company that scores high in Sunday Times' 2015 rank of 'Best Small Company to Work for in UK'. My company specialized in transferring management staff; it accompanies corporations as well as medium-sized companies in developing their vacancies to successful recruitment. Moreover, our clients are supported individually during the entire application process. I think my company offers a really great opportunity in career and further personal training.

My Responsibilities as an Intern

During my internship, I was responsible for the internal recruitment for the associated company in New York and guided potential candidates through application procedures. Working in Waterloo at the London Eye, I often spent my lunch breaks with colleagues at the shore.

A little tip: Every Monday, 'Slug and Lettuce' offers lunch meals for half the price!

As I worked for a company with mostly younger staff, it was sort of easy for me to get acquainted or befriend my British colleagues. Even some of them are still my good friends up to now, and I am certain that we will have the chance to meet again in the future.

London: a Dreamlike City

Countless markets, beautiful sights, shoppers galore, and chilly parks, London has something for everyone. Having itself known for the rain does not stop me from exploring London; a walk from Tower Bridge to Waterloo, drinking English beer in a pub to another, and little visits to impressive museums. One thing to never forget for sure, is to carry an umbrella with you! :)

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My Top Insider tips

Check Out the Insane View from Tower Bridge

On Weekdays, you can see the street beneath you with a spectacular view through glass floor. Experience London from a whole new level point-of-view for 10€ (Student Price)

Shopping in Camden Market

Here, you can get everything- from well-known apparel and clothing to one of the best leather travel bag producer I know. You can also stop by the huge food market every Saturday.

Relax in Sky Garden

Having one of the best views of the city in a gardenia atmosphere requires you to reserve and book the tickets in advance. That is the great alternative to The Shard, since the entry fee to the Sky Garden is free. Just take some time and reserve a place in one of the restaurants in the area to take a break from your routine with a cup of good coffee, or dine in for a fancy dinner. Either way, mind that this can get a little pricy.

Stop by Bar Madison at St. Paul's Cathedral

Rooftop view, Nice suits, and Great drinks are St. Paul's Cathedral's highlights! on Sunday, you should also visit the pub chain 'Dirty Martini' to get everything half the price!

Save for Your Trip to London

Their 'cheap' may not be our 'cheap', so preparing more than you thought you would need will always be the best thing to do and get yourself an unforgettable time in London!

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