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Testimonial ++ Volunteer ++ Dominican Republic

Teaching English in The Dominican Republic: Henrik's Purposeful Trip

After graduating, Henrik wanted to leave Germany and see the world – and improve his Spanish! The only thing he knew is that he would like to study to become a teacher. So volunteer travel to the Dominican Republic was the best offer! He could see how it is to be a teacher while practicing his Spanish? Perfect!

About Me and My Dream Seeing the Other Part of The World

I am 20-years-old, coming from Hattstedt, Schleswig- Holstein, Germany. After finishing school with my a-level, I wanted to see more of the world and also wanted to improve my Spanish. Moreover, I was not sure about my future plans yet, but I was so passionate about becoming a teacher. For a few months I was working as a mini-jobber in Germany and therefore I gained enough money to start with that project. Because of the great and very fast placement of Studentsgoabroad to the local agency, I came into contact with Manfred, who gave me lots of information about the project and other important things, which I would need for my trip to the Dominican Republic.

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My task at work was to teach the children in a special school. The most of them have difficulties to concentrate or are disabled in a mentally or physically way. The kids demanded so much from you during the class, but after seven weeks I assert that some of the kids made an effort. This is so lovely that you can see that you reached something, that you were able to make a little change during the short time. And not only that kids were grateful to attend the class but also their parents, we especially the volunteers got a good feedback, which also made me proud. My second workplace was in the hospital, where I teach the doctors English. Sometimes it was hard, because they were not on the same level, but anyway it worked! All of the doctors are strained to learn something and I noticed an effort, too!

Every Start will be Hard, but It's Worth It!

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For my duration of 9 weeks, I have chosen a school program for children with special needs and taught English for locals of all ages in English. In the beginning, the project was really hard for me, because the conversation in Spanish was difficult, I had to adjust to the new environment and also the culture was very different to mine. But during the next weeks, I liked teaching more and more. I have not just gained experience of life in school, but also in living and activities with other volunteers. Because I had to organize myself and also that project, I’ve learned a lot about self-reliant work and the contact with other people.

Leisure Time in the Caribbean

Besides working in the project, I liked playing basketball on the streets or going to the gym. I also worked, together with other volunteers, on a project which dealt with conservation, organization and implementation of garbage cans, which are necessary for Samaná. This project of waste recovery is a long process and can hopefully be continued by further volunteers.

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What a Great Time!

All in all I really liked my time in Samaná. It offered a new perspective on my future life. After my stay in the Dominican Republic, I used the free time to travel through Central and South America.

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