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Marketing Internship Abroad

No other industry for an internship is as popular as the marketing industry. This does not really come as a surprise since every company needs marketers to bring their product or service to the right clientele and stand out from their competitors. As a marketing intern, the world is open to you. In practically every country you can find companies in a wide range of industries that offer practical training in the marketing department.

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Why Complete an Internship in Marketing?

For some, this area may not suit your degree or career goals, however, a marketing internship is the perfect opportunity to promote your own creativity and implement your own ideas during an internship.

It is not a statics job, as the tasks are always directed to the international market. You learn to be dynamic and react to your environment.

Practice your communication skills with colleagues and business partners.

What Types of Marketing Internships Exist?

Internship SEO and Online Marketing

The goal of an SEO or Online Marketing Manager is to set the company’s online presence. They make sure the company or product is easily found on the Internet. To this end, cooperation agreements are concluded, various online advertising strategies are implemented, and the texts of the in-house website are aligned accordingly.

Internship in Market Research

As a trainee in market research, you will be able to create up-to-date statistics on how the company is placed on the international market with its products and services and discover where the trend is going. Often there is no specific position for this purpose and these projects are given to trainees and interns.

Internship in Social Media and Community Marketing

Both applications are interdependent. The goal of all social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Co is to create a community of a potential target group and feed them with content.

Internship in Product Marketing and Product Development

Work side by side with a product manager and you'll develop an understanding of why a product gets a particular name or branding and how to best present it in a brochure. You will learn how to build the image of the company or the product with your creative ideas.

Internship in PR and Event Marketing

The oldest forms of marketing are still in demand in every company. An innovative and well-planned international PR strategy can greatly increase the success of a company. As an intern in the PR department you must be, above all else, communicative and attentive. These qualities are especially associated with event marketing, for what would be a good PR strategy without targeted events and trade shows?

Internship in Content Marketing

This relatively new form of the industry is in demand like never before. The text content of the website, email campaigns or marketing materials must be planned and well-thought-out. Without the right strategy, geared precisely to the target group, customers have no reason to use the offered product or service.

Top Destinations for an International Internship in Marketing

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Marketing Internshi8p in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne

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Marketing Internship in Barcelona, Valencia

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Marketing Internship in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal

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Marketing Internship in Quito

Marketing Internship USA

It would be very surprising if there were no vacancies in marketing in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. These cities are full of international companies, ready to give trainees an insight into innovative international marketing.

Marketing Internship England

The capital of London is not a bad place to be and you can count on many internships in communications, PR and digital marketing.

Marketing Internship Singapore

This is one of the most globalized cities in the world - anyone who does an internship in Singapore will definitely make an impression on a future employer.

Marketing Internship Japan

Dare you! An internship in Japan is a challenge for sure. Fortunately, the positions are not located in the megacities, but in Fokuoka - a city that has become one of the 10 most popular cities in the world!

Marketing Internship Mauritius

For those who seek a more exotic experience in terms of culture and landscape, an internship in Mauritius may sound appealing. A look at our statistics showed us that Mauritius also offers good conditions for an internship in the marketing sector.

What Added Value Do I Have for the Company as a Marketing Intern?

Even if you have just finished your high school diploma and have little basic knowledge, getting an internship in marketing is not all too difficult. What your hostess appreciates is that you are unbiased to your new tasks. This is something an employee who has been sitting in the same position for years can no longer find. You bring the "breath of fresh air" that some companies need from time to time to get out of their daily routine, to pick up new ideas and to look outside the box. You also come from another country, which is perhaps a new target group to represent and so you bring the best requirements.

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