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Many of our internships in Singapore are available with a minimum duration of 8 weeks.

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Professional English language internships, which offer you practical training and at the same time spice up your CV.


The internships in Singapore offer all requirements to be acknowledged as a mandatory university internship.


We offer internships in a wide range of different industries and departments.

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Charity and Youth Development Internship in Singapore, My Story

Here is a little insights of my internship for a Charity and Youth Development Agency based in Singapore that supports youth to achieve greater success in life.

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Garden by The Bay, Singapore

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Discover Singapore

"A fine city!"

The familiar saying "Singapore - a fine city" will certainly jump out at you and catch your eye, as it adorns numerous T-shirts and bags in the gift shops at every corner. The ironic slogan hides an ambiguity between the rich and aseptic Singapore, and the over-regulated and strict Singapore.

The English word "fine" may refer to an outstanding beauty, however this comes with equally negative connotations. On the one hand, with the immaculate city streets, stylish buildings and upscale hotels, Singapore deserves the honor of this title. On the other hand, the expensive island nation also has a wild side and in its rawest form: peaceful and clean is how it should remain, that's the motto. To keep this “peace” there are high fines, beatings, limited freedom of expression, strict security, prohibition signs all over, strict visa regulations and lots of cameras and surveillance monitors checking every step of the residents and visitors.

Where the sun shines, there is also darkness. Better not throw away your chew gum in public or walk naked through your own apartment. Stay far away from drugs of all kinds and you should also never forget to flush when you were on a public toilet. Cleanliness and socialized behavior is writ large in Singapore. Just follow the many rules and you can enjoy peace and quiet in the beautiful but somewhat strict island nation. You'll quickly notice the benefits that come with the strict rules: order, cleanliness and safety.

Green Singapore

Singapore has a clear objective: combine the existing natural and tropical environment with buildings and city life. The cityscape is therefore characterized by facades of green, trees, countless small and large parks, gardens and many green areas. The nearly 70-hectare Singapore Botanic Gardens is home to a spectacular collection of orchids with more than 3,000 different species and more than half a million plants. Animals can also be admired in Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and in Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom. It is home to approximately 600 bird species and more than 4,000 butterflies and insects. You can even admire a piece of jungle in the 165-hectare Bukit Timah Reserve. And if you would like to wander through the greenery, the park offers you an extensive choice of trails around the MacRitchie Reservoir. To improve the quality of life of its citizens with nature and greenery, in 2012 Singapore transformed reclaimed land of over 100 hectares, into the parkland Gardens By the Bay which run along the sea and serve as a recreation area for the whole population. Its habitat is fascinating with honey palms and baobabs, orchids of all kinds and the super trees make it a stop you should not miss. Take a moment and unwind after a day of work in the stunning Gardens By the Bay.

The Whole of Asia in One Place

Singapore is considered the hub of Southeast Asia. Many tourists stop here, usually only briefly, on their transit to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam, staying for an average of 3 and a half days in this glittering city. Let yourself get impressed by all the banking, office and residential towers or the gigantic shopping temples of the so successful Singaporean businesses, the wild heart of the "Lion City" in more than only three and a half days. This wealthy city-state at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, with its population of 4 million, is probably the smallest country in Southeast Asia, and also the cleanest on the Asian continent. It represents one of the largest financial centers in the world.

Here you will find a culture made up of Western influences combined with the traditions of the East and a whole lot of adventure! Be enchanted by the Singapore Flyer, the second largest observation wheel in the world, as it carries you way up high, over the rooftops of the city. In addition you can expect cultural attractions, skyscrapers, beautiful Amusement parks and plenty of restaurants, bars and discos along the Singapore River. Treat yourself to a Singapore Sling in one of the bars in the numerous grandiose neighborhoods directly on the river and be enchanted as you are slung into the Asian flair. But that's not all! You'll not only find a stronghold in the business world and in your internship and experience a variety of languages while not having to worry too much about being lost in translation. In addition to Chinese, Malay and Tamil, English is one of the four official languages ​​in Singapore, and is used primarily in business and as a lingua franca. The exposure to all those languages and cultures adds multiple plusses to your resume.