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Zeugnis ++ Pratikum ++ Singapur

Internship with a Social Organization in Singapore

I am very interested in cultural management and my first choice for the internship was a cultural or social organization in Singapore. It gave me a better understanding of the basics of management and office work.

The organisation helps young people to make progress in life. There are youth workers in different schools to support the students. The lessons are an integral part of the timetable. In them the children learn soft skills such as teamwork, self-confidence, strength and respect for each other. In addition, from January to December, the whole class worked together as a team. If there was a case of bullying, the topic was discussed with the whole class.

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A special challenge for me as a German was the difference between Asia and Europe, especially in the first few weeks. But also the language was a challenge, because despite the official language in Singapore, pure English is hardly spoken. Because of the multicultural interaction, English, Chinese and Malay are often mixed. In the end I could not understand everything, but at least what was meant. After a while I just got used to it. One reason why I wanted to go abroad was to improve my English skills. I think I reached this goal.

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