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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ Australia

My Unexpectedly Swift Internship Abroad Preparation: Guten Tag, Australia!

"It took me less than two weeks to step my feet in Australia, and left with unbelievable memories."

Fast yet Very Well-Done Preparation

In the beginning, I tried applying at different companies on my own, but that appeared to be extremely difficult due to my lack of networks to related fields and companies. So I tried to seek help from the internship placement agency. Out of all the agencies that I found, I decided to go with StudentsGoAbroad, because they look the most reliable to me and they also offered real reports from the former interns; which gave me better insights into how the internship was going to be like.

I was carefully assisted in preparing my Visa, Health Insurance, Accommodation, and other important needs. Everything went surprisingly smoothly and within the next two weeks, I was already in Australia, ready for my internship.

Internship Experience in a Big Company

I did my internship for a big insurance company in the center of Sydney. The department I was working for was focused on the improvement in the business process’ efficiency. I had the opportunity to improve my computer and programming skills, due to each project’s high technical requirements. Besides, I also had the chance to consistently improve my English through daily conversations with my colleagues and clients.

The team was incredible and my boss was very helpful and considerate of my well-being, I never even once felt like an outsider. Besides professionalism, socialism was also very valued and appreciated in my company. I was allowed to take part in many events hosted by the company just so I could expand my networks.

Since it was a big company, I was not the only intern working for them. Every two weeks, there would be a meeting where all the interns came together to have a dinner in Sydney. Apart from eating and celebrating, we were connecting.

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Accommodation in Sydney

Though I thought I would have a hard time finding accommodation, I was wrong! Obviously, you have to keep in mind that housing price is way above German standards, but this was just exactly what to expect from a metropolis, like Sydney. I recommend you to look for accommodation when you are in the area, so you will have the choice to visit the places and see for yourself. I found my accommodation via different Facebook groups but StudentsGoAbroad also listed down some recommendations for me.

Off-Internship Experience

Besides doing my internship, I also made use of my time leisure to travel, a lot. On the weekends, I would visit places outside of Sydney. Even better, I was allowed to take one week off to have a road trip along the Gold Coast. At the end of my internship period, I spent some time to do another journey through French-Polynesia before leaving Australia.

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"It is more than a blast to be able to ever did my internship abroad in Australia. I met new friends, improved my English skills, gained new professional skills, and created unforgettable journeys."

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