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Mechanical Engineering Internship Abroad

As a soon-to-be mechanical engineer, it is essential to have the first practical experience when applying for a job. It is crucial for students in related studies to complete internships in the field of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers are used in various fields and industries. This is why all doors are open to you during the internship search - especially abroad!

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Why Complete an Internship in Mechanical Engineering?

Internships are always good on the CV - especially if they were completed abroad!

An internship gives you the opportunity to test your theoretical knowledge in a practical way. This is especially important in a practical field such as mechanical engineering, since in practice many things run differently than the textbooks dictate.

An internship abroad can especially promote and further develop one's own personal development. One usually learns a completely new way of life and dealing with unfamiliar situations. These experiences show the future employer that you can handle difficult situations.

Particularly valuable to your professional future are the contacts that can be linked with companies, managers, and specialists during the internship period abroad.

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What kind of Mechanical Engineering Internships exist?

Internship in Research and Development

The Research and Development Division of a company drives its technological progress. Research and development are closely interlinked with the design so that the tasks of these two areas partly overlap. Typical development tasks are attempt, interpretation, and calculation.

Internship in Construction

During an internship in the field of construction, you will be working on the design of a technical product in such a way that it can be subsequently manufactured. This includes the creation of technical drawings and assembly instructions.

Internship in Quality Assurance

The task of quality assurance is to guarantee that the previously defined quality requirements are met. This is determined and evaluated within the scope of various test and measurement methods to ensure a consistent product quality.

Internship in Manufacturing and Assembly

In this area, individual components are produced and then put together in an assembly. Typical tasks in this area are the creation of control plans, the implementation of new production lines as well as the optimization of the processes.

Internship in the Field of Production Planning

Production planning deals with all measures required to prepare for the production of products. Planning the what, how, where and which are to be manufactured fall into the task area of the production planning. It also includes the planning of processes, sequences and many other production-related factors. This represents the link between design, manufacture, and assembly.

Top Destinations for a Mechanical Engineering Internship Abroad

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Mechanical Engineering Internship in the USA

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Mechanical Engineering Internship in Valencia, Spain

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Mechanical Engineering Internship in Bali, Indonesia

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Mechanical Engineering Internship in London, England

Mechanical Engineering Internship in Ireland

The mechanical engineering sector in Ireland is booming at the moment. Those who opt for a mechanical engineering internship in Ireland have good chances to land their dream internship.

What Added Value do I Bring to the Company as an Engineering Intern?

It can be of great value to the company that you as a mechanical engineering student will deal with many tasks and problems the way your textbooks taught you. After many years of working in a company, often basic approaches are quickly forgotten, but they can be helpful in solving a variety of problems. Fresh from the university, you also have expertise in the latest technologies, approaches, and procedures. This knowledge makes you attractive to companies because they can learn from you and vice versa.

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