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Architecture Internship Abroad

Anyone who has decided to study architecture will sooner or later come to the point where practical experience is necessary. The study of architecture is composed of many different areas of study ranging from mathematics to structural engineering and art history. An internship offers an ideal opportunity to unite all these fields, to apply and implement them in real projects while gaining international experience.

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Why Study Abroad in the Field of Architecture?

An architecture internship abroad can pose a whole new and unique challenge to you. Expand your horizons and learn for example about the approaches of tropical architecture.

In addition to your professional knowledge, you can also enhance and deepen your language skills through an architecture internship abroad.

You can incorporate your experiences from abroad into your own architectural style and thereby create an individual style to possibly become your signature that sets you apart from others.

What Types of Architecture Internships Exist?

Internship in Building Construction

The area of ​​building construction deals with the planning and erection of structures, which are mostly above ground level. As an intern in the field of building construction, you can get practical experience in the planning of residential buildings, shopping centers or administrative buildings.

Internship in Interior Design

When it comes to combining technical design with aesthetic and artistic aspects, we turn to interior designers. Interns in the field of interior design are always sought after abroad.

Internship in Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture deals with the reconstruction or transformation of non-built space. This includes, among other things: the planning and design of parks, sports grounds, and gardens. Not only aesthetics are important, but also scientific, technical, and economic aspects have to be put in mind.

Internship in Urban Planning

In urban planning, entire building groups or neighborhoods are designed and planned. An internship in urban development can be especially interesting to be done abroad, since every country has its own view and needs regarding the plan and design of its cities.

Top Destinations for an International Internship in Architecture

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Architecture Internship in New York, USA

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Architecture Internship in Valencia, Spanien

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Architecture Internship in Bali, Indonesien

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Architecture Internship in Sydney

Architecture Internship in Singapore

Architects in Singapore face a special challenge - there is a serious space problem. An internship in Singapore promises not only to be particularly exciting, but will also impress future employers.

Architecture Internship in Japan

Japan may not be the first spot to come to mind when it comes to an architecture internship abroad, but the country in the Pacific Ocean offers a great challenge not only to get to know the individual Japanese architectural style, but also to experience a totally different and new culture.

What Added Value do I Bring to the Company as an Intern?

Whether you are in the middle of your studies or have already completed them, you will definitely bring added support to the host company. Especially as a motivated student, you are seen as very valuable because you are unbiased and can contribute your own fresh ideas and creativity. Many who have been in the same profession, sitting in the same workplace for many years often lose sight of new trends and new motivation. As a young student or graduate, you bring “a breath of fresh air” to the daily business.

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