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Internship in the Canada

Starting from 4 Weeks

Many of our internships in Canada are available with a minimum duration of 4 weeks.

Professional Internships

Professional practical experience that encourages your professional development and spices up your CV.


The internships in Canada fulfill all prerequisites to be able to be acknowledged as a mandatory internship.


The internships are located in Lunenburg, Montreal, and Vancouver.

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Merle's Incredible Time in Canada : Community Service Internship

"I am so happy that I decided to go to Canada as a part of my study at the University of Applied Science in Frankfurt, Germany; Vancouver is such a magical city that non-stop enchanted me right from the start!"

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Merle in Vancouver, Canada

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3 Steps to an Internship in Canada


The first step of your registration is to contact us. Create a profile and complete your data as well as your preferences for the internship.

We will then contact you to arrange a consultation with you (free of charge).

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Arrange a consultation with us! Here we provide you with information on how far your desired internship in Canada can be implemented and corresponds to your personal goals. We are also happy to clarify further questions about the placement.

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If all the requirements for your internship in Canada are met, we can start the placement process and send your application to our team in Vancouver. This step is mandatory and a certain amount of deposit is required.

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Here we'd like to briefly introduce you to the team from our partner office in Vancouver. Jeanette and her colleagues will help you through your internship, organize everything you need, and help you with all your questions. They will gladly pass on their insider knowledge to you - so that your time as a globetrotter will be the highlight of your life!

Team in Canada

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Intern in Canada's Major Cities

We help you to find an internship in various cities in Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec city! The friendly and bustling Toronto is the most important commercial and financial center in Canada and therefore is perfect for an finance internship in Canada. Montreal is an interesting destination for all those who would like to improve their French skills as an intern. In Vancouver, as a beautiful metropolis, you have the opportunity to experience the serene Canadian life surrounded by spectacular nature, which makes it the perfect destination for all outdoor activities!

Internship Guide in Canada

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Visa - Canada

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Why Canada?

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Discover Canada

In terms of visa - to Canada or the USA?

There is no question that immigration policy in Canada is a lot friendlier than in the US. The J1 visa for an internship in the States costs almost 1000 euros and you need to proof excellent English skills to be eligible for it. However the working holiday visa, which is one of three entry tickets to intern in Canada, is definitely more affordable with a fee of only 110 euros. But what about the waiting times? As well as for the States, you need to be patient to apply for the working holiday visa to do an internship in Canada. The Embassy in Canada takes their time to announce the quota that is available for each country each year and the it may take about 2 months to receive the visa. However, the application process is much easier and implies less bureaucracy than in the U.S.!

"Welcome to Canada" or "Bienvenue au Canada" - Learning French or English?

Even though English and French are official languages ​​in Canada, they are not commonly used in all Canadian provinces. Only in the province of Quebec, French is spoken in addition to English. Those who wish to improve in either French or English during their internship in Canada, ​​are given the perfect opportunity here! Thus, Quebec magnetically attracts international students who would like to test themselves in a French-speaking environment while interning in Quebec.

In particular, the city of Montreal, which is located in Quebec, is a great city to start a global career. Many growing international companies have settled in Canada's second-largest city and give it the typical European character. For European students, an internship in Montreal is, therefore, the first choice, especially when it is their first long term trip abroad.

Travel without a working holiday visa to Canada

As there is only a small amount of visa available and they are exclusively issued by the Canadian embassy since 2016. This is how it works: You register at their homepage, create a profile and then all you need to do is wait. The embassy then sends out random invitations on a regular basis and you will need to wait for that invitation to be applicable for the working holiday visa. But as the number of applicants usually exceeds the number of visa, you may not be on the lucky side! However, there is an alternative to the working holiday visa, that you may use for an internship in Canada! The so-called C50 visa would be an option for you, if you do an internship in a charity organization in Canada. Even though these internship are usually unpaid, they can also be accepted as a professional internship from your university.