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Internship in The USA

Starting from 8 Weeks

Many of our internships in The USA are available with a minimum duration of 8 weeks.

Professional Internships

Professional English language internships, which offer you practical training and at the same time spice up your CV.


The internships in America offer all requirements to be able to be acknowledged as a mandatory university internship.


The internships are located in several American cities such as LA or New York.

Top Internship Branches in The USATop Branchen in Dublin

Marketing and Communication

Event Management

Business Management

Public Relations


IT/Web Design

Not sure yet of which Internship in The USA truly suits you?

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Katharina Bauer

Let us know more about your goals and ideas, and we will gladly advise you individually and personally.

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From German to Vegas Baby! : Tourism Internship in Las Vegas

"By now, I've been living in the USA, specifically Las Vegas, Nevada, for more than 9 months. This is the first time I decided my path independently, and it's worth it!"

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Teresa in Las Vegas

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3 Steps to an Internship in The USA


The first step of your registration is to contact us. Create a profile and complete your data as well as your preferences for the internship.

We will then contact you to arrange a consultation with you (free of charge).

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Arrange a consultation with us! Here we provide you with information on how far your desired internship in The United States can be implemented and corresponds to your personal goals. We are also happy to clarify further questions about the placement.

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If all the requirements for your internship in The USA are met, we can start the placement process and send your application to our team in America. This step is mandatory and a certain amount of deposit is required.

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Who is eligible for an internship in the US?

Those who make it in America, can make it anywhere. That in itself is however not enough, you need to make things happen. Students who are planning an internship in the US should stand firm and be resistant and this will help in their success. Whether you are suitable or not will become evident in the application phase: those who bring along courage, patience and consistency will fit in well within the American culture. In preparation for the internship in the US students need to be aware that their English skills need to be of a high level for the interview with the host company.

Internship Guide in The USA

Country Information - The USA

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Travel Planning - The USA

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Visa - The USA

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Accommodation - The USA

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Must-Know & Must-Sees : Miami

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Discover the US

Indispensable: the J1 visa

If you have made it past the first hurdle and your Studentsgoabroad internship interview was successful, your patience will be needed in completing the visa application. In order to be able to undergo a training course within an American company - an internship - you will need to apply for a J1 visa, it’s a must. Studentsgoabroad will support you throughout the entire process and will provide you with all of the necessary forms and paperwork. However the team unfortunately cannot help you with the duration of time needed for the visa to be processed. But, in the end everyone will get their visa! However it is not unusual for the visa to appear in the mailbox only two days before departure! Luckily your efforts and patience will be rewarded with an incomparable time in the states.

"Living the American Dream" – everyone has their own recipe

Once the internship has been organized by us, your visa has arrived, then there is nothing standing in your way of achieving the American dream. Each internship is unique in that the internship search is tailored to your needs. In addition to this, we always take new companies from different fields of international interns because they realize how much value the interns add to the work force: they all appreciate the new ideas and fresh breeze from overseas. It is up to each individual intern to shine and stand out to compete against everyone else. The one who can do that is a perfect fit for the American culture.