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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ USA

My First 2 Weeks in Los Angeles - Alisa's Event Management Internship

To do my internship in the USA is not impossible! With the help of StudentsGoAbroad, I was able to arrange everything very well!

My name is Alisa and I am 22 years old. I really wanted to do my compulsory university internship in the USA. So I started looking for job offers. However, I quickly found out that I would not get very far without professional help.

A few days later I came across Studentsgoabroad.com and immediately picked up the phone to call them. I was treated very warmly, I explained what I was up to and the next day there was already a catalogue in my mailbox. After I had registered, the operator started immediately.

The Placement in My Internship

A few weeks later I even got in touch with an event agency in Los Angeles. This was the first and the last contact, because after four Skype interviews with different employees of the company I got the confirmation that I can do my internship there.

The visa application was really stressful and nerve-racking. There was really a lot to sign and fill out! But if you are really up for it and want to do it, then all the paperwork is definitely worth it! I am here now and really don't want to miss it anymore. And I really have to say that the StudentsGoAbroad team has always been by my side. Really top!

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The First Days in LA

Then it could finally start. I was very lucky with the flight! With a direct flight of Lufthansa, it went from Frankfurt to Los Angeles. The flight took 12 hours in total and because the joy of this new phase of my life was so great, it seemed to me to be quite entertaining. But maybe this was also due to the fact that I was offered a good on-board entertainment and you were provided with good food and drinks during the whole flight. After landing I went through the VISA control quite fast and in front of the airport, I was picked up by a shuttle bus that took me directly to the car rental. On the highway, I went directly to the hotel.

And the Internship?

Now then, about my internship itself. The agency is a "full service" events agency. I've only been here for barely two weeks, but I already feel very comfortable! My employees have given me a great welcome, are very helpful and understanding. At first, I was even afraid that they wouldn't really accept me since I am "only" an intern. But no on the contrary. They give me responsible tasks and let me take part in finding ideas for events! As an intern, you even get your own office here. The tasks I have had so far range from the production of events to business development. So far, my main tasks have been researching work for two big upcoming events. My field of study is "Applied Media" and I majored in media and event management. I really have a very good feeling that I can apply, consolidate, and even deepen my knowledge here in the agency.

Expensive Food, Cheap Clothes

Let's talk about my life outside the workplace. The beginning was not easy! From home I booked a hotel room and a rental car for the first 10 days so that I am immediately mobile here and can look after an apartment. I am not directly in Los Angeles, but the apartment prices are really high here too! The apartment search on site was really no fun either. First, you have to know, then you have to expect a rent of at least 1000 dollars per month for a shared room. With a lot of luck, I found a cheap alternative and am now living in a 4-person flatshare with my German fellow student, an Italian, and a Texan. I must now explain that my fellow student and I planned everything together from the beginning. We even have the luck to work for the same agency. It is really much more relaxed and easier when you are in a foreign country/continent and can get through everything together.

Clothes, bags, and shoes are very cheap here, but the food is even more expensive! In the supermarket, you can even get everything you need, vegetables, fruit, bread, dairy products, etc. But one should consider that one has to pay $5 for a packet of butter. Thus, there are unfortunately no cheap purchases here. Especially healthy food is very expensive. I miss the nutrition I had in Germany very much. But therefore, one can eat very well here. Everywhere you look there are restaurants, fast-food chains, and snack bars. My favorite food is American burgers.

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Americans are very Open and Friendly

What I also really noticed very positively is the attitude of the Americans. They are all very open, friendly, and polite. At the cash register, they even ask you how you are doing every time. But in some cases, it is too superficial for my taste.

I still have a very long list of what I want to see and do here. These include the cities of Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Many things I will do with my German friends who will visit me in spring. But I can already recommend the beautiful beaches of California. My favorite so far is Malibu Beach. Generally, the landscape here is so beautiful that you can't get enough of it.

My Conclusion so Far

In summary, I can say that I am really very happy and thankful at the moment that I can be here. I wouldn't really want to trade places with anyone right now. When I get up in the morning, I often can't believe that I am really here. So if you are thinking about going abroad, I can only recommend you to do so! You get to know yourself better and gain experiences that no one can ever take away from you. The work is really fun and in my free time, it feels like I have holidays. You have nice weather every day and you make so many, new friends. So not only does it look good on your CV, but you can really have the best time of your life here. At least that's the feeling I'm experiencing right now.

I would also like to thank StudentsGoAbroad again for always standing by my side during this difficult journey and helping me to realize my dream!

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