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Sally's Internship Story in New York: Real Estate Future Career Boost!

Sally completed her internship in the real estate industry in New York and is happy about the experience: "You get help in all steps on the way to a great dream".

Internship Placement in the USA

After long research on the internet and many pros/contra list my choice fell on the internship agency Studentsgoabroad. I can only advise everyone because you get help in all steps on the way to your big dream. No matter if you are in Germany or later in the USA, you will get support and quickly find an internship and don't have to fight your way through the visa process alone. It cost me nerves, there were delays and in the end, I was sitting at home with packed suitcases and when my J1 visa finally arrived, I was immediately on my way to the travel agency and could fly the next day - finally, my dream would come true.

First Things First: Explore New York and Find a Room!

Before my internship started, I had 3 weeks to explore New York. First I booked a hostel in the Upper West Side from Germany to find an apartment from there. That was the best decision, because in the hostel I met my best friends. Luckily I had found a room for $850 on Craigslist in the Upper West Side, where I lived with an older lady and her daughter and granddaughter. The luck didn't last long, after only 2 months I had to look for something new and found a house in Queens with 10 students and lived there in the basement for $725. Queens is simply not Manhattan, but the prices are cheaper and every morning I had an incredible view of the skyline during my 20 minute drive to work on the subway.

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My Internship in Real Estate in New York

I did my internship at a luxury real estate company in Midtown, right next to Grand Central. It couldn't have been better. I saw the most expensive and incredible apartments. From the best locations to the best amenities and, of course, the best views. Rooftop parties only for real estate agents and lawyers and after I had passed my real estate agent exam I was able to do apartment inspections as well as negotiating contracts and customer service on my own.

I had great luck with my company. Everything was quite relaxed, the working hours were flexible and I could take more time off when I had visitors or planned a trip. Of course, I often had to work on weekends and nobody left before 8 pm, but on the other hand, we were all like a family and had fun at work.

On-Site travel

I spent most of my free time with my colleagues and other interns. There is always something going on in New York, an endless number of bars, restaurants and museums and if the city gets too much for you, you can quickly and cheaply visit other cities like Washington DC, Philadelphia or in summer the Hamptons by bus and spend the day there.

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Dare the Dream!

I would recommend everyone to take the big step and make their dream come true. New York is incredible, it can be pretty tough, but you have to go through it. You learn so much, both professionally and personally. New York is a challenge and whoever masters it will be prepared for anything that comes. I would do it again and again.

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