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Internship abroad in the USA - Marketing in San Diego

My USA Internship: Work & Adventures in San Diego

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An internship in the USA is a big step in your professional development. However, it is above all the cultural and interpersonal experiences that allow you to grow during a specialist internship abroad. Our graduate Carla spent a year as a marketing intern in San Diego, in the heart of California. Find out what she experienced here in her SGA experience report.

Preparing for my one-year internship in digital marketing in San Diego was intense, but extremely rewarding. After I was accepted, I started with the necessary organizational steps. Applying for a visa and planning my trip took some time, but thanks to the support of SGA, everything went smoothly. However, the anticipation and excitement of working in a city like San Diego made all the challenges fade into the background.

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My daily work during my USA internship

Everyday working life in Digital Marketing in San Diego was characterized by a creative and dynamic atmosphere. My internship gave me the opportunity to work in an international team and learn from experts in the industry. The projects were challenging, but the supportive environment made me feel well prepared.

Working with different departments gave me a comprehensive insight into the different aspects of digital marketing, from search engine optimization to social media strategy. The regular meetings and feedback sessions helped to sharpen my professional skills and continually develop.

Carla enjoying her USA internship in San Diego

Adventures in and around San Diego

San Diego offered an abundance of recreational opportunities, which I took advantage of extensively after work. The beaches, parks and cultural attractions made my free time a constant adventure. A surf course at Pacific Beach, Mexican culture in Balboa Park, cycling on Coronado Island and the nightlife in the Gaslamp District downtown are of course not to be missed in San Diego. Weekend trips to nearby places such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Joshua Tree National Park provided a welcome break from the daily work routine.

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My conclusion after a year-long internship in the USA

My one-year internship in digital marketing in San Diego was not only professionally instructive, but also personally enriching. The preparation and choice of my accommodation laid the foundation for a successful time, while the day-to-day work and leisure activities gave me the opportunity to deepen my skills and experience the beauty of this fascinating city. This experience strengthened my professional ambitions and gave me an unforgettable insight into the dynamic life in the heart of California.

Written by Carla from Germany (Intern in San Diego, USA with StudentsGoAbroad)