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Nursing Internship Abroad

The medical or nursing training is often a compulsory internship, which must be completed within the framework of a medical study. Through this program, students are given insight into the organization and operation of a hospital. Being a medical intern in a host organization or medical institution abroad is a very special experience. Going abroad offers unique possibilities, besides gaining deep insights into the tasks of nursing, you'll acquire invaluable intercultural skills.

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Key Facts about Nursing Internships Abroad

The nursing internship must be carried out in a hospital with permanent medical supervision

Overall, the internship must cover 3 months (90 days), which can be divided into 3 units of 30 days each

The nursing practice includes bedside care

Depending on the district, requirements and differences in the circumstances and contents of the nursing practice may arise

Typical Responsibilities of Medical Internships

In the course of the medical internship, the basic principles of patient care are practiced. This includes not only moving patient in their beds around, but also tasks such as:

bathing patients

dressing and undressing them

and taking their temperature, pulse and blood pressure.

The nursing practice is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of all the tasks that the nursing staff perform in a hospital. However, this does not mean that all activities must be carried out independently. As a trainee, one will mostly be observing.

Professional Nursing & Medical Internships Abroad

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Nursing Internships in Valencia

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Nursing Internship in Cusco

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Sri Lanka

Nursing Internship in Kandy

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Dominican Republic

Nursing Internship in Samana

Nursing Internship in Ghana

A medical internship in Ghana not only presents you with new challenges, but is also an experience you will never forget. In the Volta region hospitals you can accompany the staff in different units: gynecology, neurology, orthopedics, obstetrics, children's ward, or in surgery. Volunteers who wish to complete a nursing practice in Ghana are encouraged to obtain a license from the Ghana Medical and Dental Service. You will then be required to pay an additional fee directly to the hospital.

In our reviews you can read about the specific tasks and experiences of former interns in a hospital in Ghana.

Nursing Internships in Ecuador

Ecuador is perhaps not the first place you might think of for a nursing internship abroad, but the capital city, Quito, offers good conditions for a medical internship in Ecuador. Here you have the possibility to work in a variety of medical institutions: in private hospitals, in small clinics in the suburbs of Quito or in religious hospitals. Regardless of medical equipment and differing standards, you will benefit from a medical internship in any of these institutions. To get an idea of the daily life in a hospital in Quito, read Daniel's testimonial as an assistant physician in Quito.

Why Complete a Medical Internship Abroad?

A nursing internship abroad will not only help you gain practical knowledge, but you will also make an important contribution by supporting local communities

In your professional future, you will likely work with patients from different countries. During an internship abroad, you will not only improve your professional language skills, but you will also learn to adapt to people from different cultures

You get to know new practices and put new approaches into action

What Added Value do I Have as a Medicine Intern for the Hosting Company?

Even if you are not fully trained yet and you are currently in the middle of your medical studies, you still bring great value to local hospitals/health centers. In many countries, the health system is not very well developed and there are not enough health facilities available. Therefore, any kind of help is appreciated. In addition, you can contribute your knowledge and experience from your home country, bringing new ideas and suggestions for improvement.

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