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Your next adventure is waiting

Your next adventure

is waiting.

Sleeping under the stars, mingling with the locals, traveling in a cool group, sampling street food, walking on remote beaches or trekking through rugged nature - an adventure trip can have many faces, but has exactly one goal: to get out of your comfort zone and into the unknown!

Language: English

All adventure tours are led by locals who speak very good English.

Around the world with friends

All adventure tours take place in groups of up to 20 participants

Flexible dates

Go when you want to! All trips are offered several times a year.

Your safety is #1

All local guides follow clear safety regulations and precautions.

Credited internships in the USA

Into adventure with SGA

The trip of a lifetime in just a few steps.

Experience incredible adventures on our trips to the most beautiful places in the world! Discover each location and culture up close - not just the usual hot spots, but also explore off the beaten track. Our local tour guides will lead you to encounters with locals, exciting street food and the most vibrant ways of life. Venture into the unknown and get out of you comfort zone - be it a refreshing monsoon downpour in Bali, a playful monkey snatching your snack or a talkative gecko interrupting your night's sleep. Each trip becomes part of your adventure and allows you to experience the host country in all its diversity and perhaps even discover a new side to yourself. Ideal for young people and adventurers after leaving school!

Discover adventure travels

What to expect on the adventure trips

What to expect

on the adventure trips

Our adventure tours are designed so that you experience as much as possible in a short time - in 7-14 days you will experience maximum fun - whether you are in the mood for beaches, love untouched mountain landscapes, are looking for exoticism or are passionate about a sustainable existence. Discover insider tips and unknown "secret spots" with our trained and experienced local guides. From boat tours to surf trips, we offer everything the region of your choice has to offer. Perfect for adventurers during their studies or after graduation!

Top 6 aspects that make our adventure trips so special:


Active discovery

You are constantly on the move, never staying in one place for more than a day, and discovering the local culture in a variety of ways!


Insider tips & secret spots

Our experienced local tour guides will take you to places you wouldn't find as a normal tourist - adventure guaranteed!


Go Local with experienced guides

Your local guide will bring you closer to the local community. You will get to know their values and traditions at first hand.


New inspiration & recharge your batteries

The experiences are captivating, make you forget your everyday worries, give you new inspiration and show you how much energy you actually have.


Soft skills and more

You will face new challenges and acquire new skills every day. During our trips you will gain insights that'll last you a lifetime.


Friends & memories for life

Whether you're traveling alone or with a group of friends. You'll make friends for life on our adventure trips.

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What type of adventurer are you?

Our advisors will help you step by step to find the perfect adventure trip for you.

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