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Adventure Tours

Trek into the wild, sleep under the stars, meet warmhearted locals, eat local style, travel with a small group from all over the world or stroll on pristine beaches - an adventure tour has many faces, but only one aim:

get our of your comfort zone and discover the unknown!

English guided tours

All tours are guided by locals, who speak English well

Small group travels

We travel in small groups with up to 20 people.

Flexible dates

All adventure tours start several times a year.

Safety first

All local guides follow our safety and risk management standards.

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Get close with the local community – immerse into their traditions and change your mindset.


You will become a traveling nomad! See as many places as you can, do as many things as you can do! Discover the diversity of the new culture by foot, bicycle, train or boat!


Get close with the local community – immerse into their traditions and change your mindset.


Our tours are packed with fascinating experiences, that will make you forget your everyday routine and give you new power and inspiration.Die Erlebnisse fesseln, lassen dich alltägliche Sorgen vergessen, geben dir neue Inspiration und zeigen dir, wie viel Energie eigentlich in dir steckt!


You meet new challenges and gain new soft skills, that will form your personality in a positive way.

Meet strangers, find friends - small group travel

Not everybody likes to travel solo! But not every time you’ll find friends with the same mindset or time schedule like you. We offer tours in a small group of international young people, who just want to do the same like you: discover the world and meet new friends!

Featured Adventure Trips

An adventure for life: Get out of your comfort zone!

Our adventure tours are real life experiences, that will make you discover the world in an active and immersive way. You will not only get the chance to see the best highlights a country has to offer, but will see the culture and tradition from a local perspective. Your local guides will take you to off the beaten tracks, to places that are unknown to the general public. Meet the world’s most welcoming locals, try spicy dishes and see the different lifestyles of your travel destination. You may encounter situations, that may be awkward, or even uncomfortable and will challenge yourself. Unexpected monsune rains may surprise you in Bali, a small monkey snitches your snack, or your good nights sleep gets interrupted by a very talkative gecko. No matter what will happen, it’s all part of your adventure and will help you to discover a new side of you.

Which type of adventure are you?

Our adventure trips allow you to see as much as possible in a short time and with a small budget! Whether it’s the adventure you seek during your short break or as add-on to your gap year, whether you love to trek through the rough wild or you are looking for a guided eco tour as a responsible traveler, we offer adventure tours that suits best to your travel plans! If you are not sure where to go and what to do, we will be happy to give you advice!