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Water Sports Internship Abroad

Do you love to be in the water? Whether it be surfing, diving, snorkeling - when you are in the water you feel that you are in your element? Surfing and diving schools offer you the opportunity to get to know the work of an instructor and their everyday life and, of course, you will simultaneously improve your own abilities.

Why would Sports Students Study Abroad?

Surfing or diving is your passion and through an internship you collect first hand experience in the professional arena

Practice your knowledge, patience and openness towards a new culture and your work colleagues

What types of water sports internships are offered?

Internship in a Surf School

Support surf instructors and help motivate tourists and other new surfers to learn or improve their surfing. Other tasks may include handing out and collecting surf equipment as well as going to the beach with the guests and assisting the surf instructors in the water or onshore.

Internship in a Diving School

Spend all day in the sea, observing incredible underwater worlds of fish, coral, and other sea life, while gathering work experience abroad. In an internship at a dive center, you can fulfill this dream.

Internship for a Surf Magazine

Another opportunity for an internship in water sports is with a surf magazine. You will get to know the job of a sports journalist and sports photographers and can also write articles and take pictures of yourself. All the while, learning more about the surfing scene.

Top Destinations for a Water Sports Internship Abroad

What added value do I bring to a water sports company as an intern?

Support is always welcome in surf and dive centers - whether before, during or after hours. The center is sure to host guests from your home country and they will be happy to hear all the new information on diving or surfing in a familiar language.

Request an Individual Internship

The proposed internships don't fir your interests? Ask us without obligation! We check your application documents and tell you which internships suit you best.