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Advantages of Internship Abroad

What makes an internship abroad so interesting? Everyone is aware of the advantages of an internship in Germany. Or at least it is rarely questioned, as it is already an integral part of secondary education. In this way, students get a brief insight into the working world at an early stage. However, more and more high school graduates or trainees are venturing abroad to gain a first insight into the world of work.

What are the Advantages of an Internship

A degree on your CV is no longer enough to apply for the job you have in mind. That's why internships offer the perfect basis for applying the theoretical knowledge acquired during training in practice, while at the same time further deepening and expanding specialist knowledge. Interns have the opportunity to actively acquire new knowledge and skills and to get to know different ways of working.

An internship is the ideal way to start a career and gain valuable insights into the actual working life. In this way, you create an optimal transition from academic to professional learning at your future workplace; a transition from training to the world of work.

What Makes the Internship Abroad so Interesting?

The world of work is becoming increasingly international: even small and medium-sized companies act across borders, offer products or services universally and have to position themselves internationally.* Employees are therefore expected to have a certain international competence and, above all, mobility - exactly what the internship abroad teaches you. The already existing advantages of internships must now be considered in a new framework.

In order to make young people like you mobile for this - to make a stay abroad more attractive for you - various support programmes have been set up by politicians. These help you above all in financing your internship abroad. This enables you, even with small savings, to take the chance to prepare yourself for the demands of the new job market. These requirements correspond exactly to what you will learn during an internship abroad at first sight.

Internship in General:

Gain practical experience and learn new skills

Fill resume with experience

Establish contacts with potential employers

Facilitating the decision-making process for job search

Acquiring soft skills

Internship abroad:

Acquisition of new foreign languages

Dealing with foreign languages

Intercultural competence and sensitivity

Expanding specific expertise at international level

Advantages for your future employer

This may sound very pragmatic to you. But behind these points are new skills that employers can read between the lines of your CV. If you have completed an internship abroad, this means for your employer that you:

view work processes from a different perspective, since you now have the international comparison

"outside-the-box" thinking. This will help you to approach problems differently

Bring in new ideas and question existing processes. After all, you have seen how things can work differently.

are curious and more open to new approaches

Personal Advantages for You

"Leave your comfort zone" - you hear it over and over again, but it hits the nail on the head. While you stay in your familiar surroundings during an internship in Germany, you embark on a new adventure during an internship abroad. You are forced to speak a new foreign language, make friends with people from different backgrounds and have to adapt to a new culture. According to a study by William Maddux, it complexes your ability to think; in other words, it makes you smarter! ** Along the way, your intercultural competence grows, you make contacts that could be important for your career and you learn a new foreign language. Last but not least, the experience you gain outside of your workplace is irreplaceable and will shape you.

you develop yourself personally

you become more flexible

you get a more open-minded attitude to new things

"A Stay-Abroad Definitely Boosts Your Critical-Thinking!"

Does the internship abroad bring me advantages if it is not a specialist internship?

Yes, absolutely! There have been cases in which trainees abroad have noticed that the tasks of the internship do not properly reflect the content of the training. Nevertheless, the internship was a complete success, as it gave the interns an insight into even more areas. This can be a decisive factor in the decision for a future profession. Either it increases the desire for the dream job or it sets the course for a change of direction. In general, you can only profit from more experience, because new knowledge will provide you with additional qualifications for your future career.