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Country Information - Mauritius

Have a little more insight into Mauritius, to maximize your experience staying in the country; take a look at the information we have summed up for you!

Mauritius - An Island with Many Names

Due to the advent of seafaring, Mauritius was “discovered” and visited long ago by many countries. Historical records confirm that Mauritius was equally explored in the 16th century by several European nations. From the Dutch sailors, the island got its name in reference to their Prince Maurice Van Nassau. The Portuguese, who also went ashore, had preferred the name Ilha do Cirne, meaning 'Iceland of the Swan'. However, the Dutch prevailed in naming the island. It was they who tried to develop an agricultural colony on Mauritius and improved sugarcane cultivation. Large profits were made and the island became a Dutch colony in 1710.

Five years later French settlers reached the island of La Reunion and simultaneously took control of Mauritius. The island developed under the unique name Île de France and for 100 years was ruled under the French flag. During the Napoleonic wars, the rule changed again, this time in favor of the British. With this change came a new name yet again, the British Mauritius. Even today's capital, Port Louis, dates from this period. It was named after none other than King Louis XV. Under British rule, Mauritius realized its potential and developed a thriving economy and numerous social reforms.

With independence from Britain in 1968 and overcoming unrest thereafter, Mauritius has become a picturesque beautiful holiday island with cultural diversity and a lot of charm. The various languages ​​and religious diversity keep the memory of the colonial times alive. The large investments from South Africa and Western Europe have contributed to the boost in the economy, creating today’s healthy middle class and stable political system. Currently, 1.3 million Mauritians reside on the sunny island along with a significant number of tourists and ex-pats with work permits.

Continent : Africa

Location : Indian Ocean

Capital : Port Louis

Size : ca. 2.000 km²

Population : ca. 1,3 Mio.

Currency : Rupee

Official Language : English, French

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