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Interesting Facts About Portugal You Might Never Heard Before!

Few things you might have missed that may be useful for your following trip to Portugal !

Your internship contract is signed, your ticket is booked and your suitcase is packed! But, are you really ready for your adventure in Portugal? If you want to score some points with your internship company or gain some insider knowledge on Portugal, we will not leave you out in the rain. Here you will find everything you need for your life in Portugal. So you can find your way around right from the start.

Being situated directly on the Atlantic and its historical development have shaped the country and the people in Portugal. In the course of its history, scarcely any other European country was subjected to so many different rulers. In ancient times it was the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, and later the Arabs ruled for a long time. Portugal did not become independent until the 12th century. Later on, Portugal had many colonies in South America, China, Africa and Arabia due to its pre-eminence in the maritime sector, and thus achieved considerable prosperity. Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus discovered (almost) the whole world from Portugal. With our tips you will discover Portugal without any nasty surprises.

Fado - The Melancholic Side of Portugal

The Portuguese are a joyful people committed to their celebrations. However, the Mediterranean temperament is also reflected in its melancholic side and is expressed in the Fado. The Fado is a typical Portuguese song that describes the wistful side of life. It is about destiny, love and the desire for freedom and independence. In many bars it is sung by the guests, accompanied by a guitar.

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Portugal's Traditions

If you want to understand the culture of Portugal in the present, just take a brief detour to the country's history. The Romans have especially had a great influence, and one can see evidence of this today, especially in the language. Portuguese is the Romance language which is closest to the original Latin. The country’s name also comes from Roman influence. One could say that today's port of Porto was the name given to the country, because it was created by the Romans and in Latin means port.

The Portuguese are very traditional. Well over 80% of them are faithful Catholics. The Roman Catholic Church also operates a highly respected university and a popular radio station. Most of the holidays and Saint festivals are also celebrated here.

Portuguese Celebrates - Often, Happily, and Lively

There are many 'fiestas' in Portugal. They are usually held in celebration of the popular saints, with parades, fireworks, a lot of dance, food and wine.

The most popular festivals take place in the summer months between May and August. Each municipality has its own dates. Here you can experience the Portuguese in party mode. There is so much singing, dancing and laughing. Everything is colorful and loud and the mood is cheerful and jovial. And since the Portuguese reluctantly celebrate alone, everyone is welcomed warmly in their midst. Do not miss out on such a spectacle!

Speaking of celebrations, of course the usual Christian festivals are not left out, especially the Christmas festival. Traditionally, Christmas trees and nativity scenes are on display in homes and the highlight of the holiday is Christmas Eve. Of course a lot of eating is involved in this festival.

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