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Internship ++ Volunteer ++ Mauritius

Internship in Mauritius : a Little Guide for Your Accommodation

You may have or have not visited or even heard of Mauritius, but either way, we are here to help especially your first stay's accommodation!

Our partner organization works with several lodges, guest houses and shared flat communities. Upon request, our partner can organize your accommodation. All you have to do is tell them what you seek and they will do their best to fulfill your requests. Depending on your preferences, they can provide fully furnished rooms or apartments, with or without air conditioning, in the center of the city or outside the city. You’ve got options! Ultimately, it is of course up to you to make the final choice of accommodation in Port Louis or Flic en Flac. The arrangement of accommodation usually takes between one to three weeks.


Search for Accommodations

Availability Check during Your Requested Time

Contact to the Landlords Establishment

Support during Reservation Process and Booking Confirmation Organization

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