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Outdoor Studies Abroad

Are you one of those individuals who prefer spending time outdoor rather than sitting in the console of your living room? Does interacting with people outdoor seem to fit you more than sitting in front of your computer for 40 hours a week? Studying outdoor seems like just the perfect choice for you.

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Outdoor Studies

Outdoor Studies is a form of education that is largely completed in nature. It is not only about the possibilities of outdoor sports activities, but also about the interaction between nature and people. In this course of study, you will get to know the various sports possibilities in the outdoor area. Water sports, in particular, have gained popularity in recent years due to the latest product trends in. Besides water sports, there are a variety of other sports that fall under the outdoor term. These include hiking, climbing, skiing, and mountain biking. In addition to the knowledge about the various outdoor activities, important skills such as leading a group, sustainable use of nature and behavior in dangerous situations are taught. Another big topic is the field of adventure tourism, whose boom is due to the rediscovered love of people to nature. Students of outdoor studies who focus on tourism can also work in the field of adventure tourism.

Requirements for Matriculation

There are a few prerequisites to be fulfilled so that you can take the Outdoor Studies degree course. The decisive factor for the admission requirement for an outdoor studies degree is proof of university entrance qualification. For most universities, this can be proven by the general higher education entrance qualification (A-Level) or subject-related entrance qualification.

For some degree courses specializing in outdoor studies, a practical sports aptitude test is required. For example, DSHS Cologne offers a sports aptitude test twice a year. The sport fitness test places high demands on the applicants and should not be underestimated. The content of the sports suit exam consists of 20 individual performances from the disciplines of athletics, endurance, gymnastics, swimming, team games, and kickback games. For existence, at least 19 individual achievements must be successfully completed.

For studying outdoor studies, you should enjoy interacting with people, enjoy being in nature, and be up to the sporting demands. If you meet these criteria, nothing stands in the way of your dream job.

Study Opportunities in Germany

Universities are increasingly recognizing the trend towards outdoor studies, which is why many are adding the study program to their program. So far, there is a university that specializes in outdoor studies. The University of Applied Management offers a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management with a focus on outdoor sports & adventure management. Alternatively, there are also universities that offer outdoor studies as modules within a sports study program. In their bachelor's degree course in sports, experience, and movement, the students of the sports university in Cologne can choose the field of natural sports and sports tourism as their profile. The University of Bayreuth offers the module Sport Ecology and Outdoor sport as a specialization in its bachelor program Sports Economics.

As you can see, every university offers a different section of outdoor studies. So before you apply, you should compare all options and set your preferred focus.

How is the Bachelor's program Outdoor Studies structured?

This question is very difficult to answer because, on the one hand, each university offers different parts of outdoor studies and, on the other hand, each university arranges the structure of its course of study individually.

As a rule, we have a standard study period of six semesters for the outdoor studies courses offered. In general, it can be said that the degree program can be divided into three sub-areas. In one section, the basics of sports science such as anatomy, kinematics, and kinematics are taught. Knowledge about pedagogy, leadership, and team building is imparted in the second part of social science. The third part consists of Outdoor & Adventure. This section consists of outdoor sports, adventure tourism, ecology, and risk.

Job Profile, Career Opportunities, and Salary

The job description of a graduate of an outdoor studies degree can be outlined in a very differentiated way. The spectrum ranges from sports-oriented institutions through various leisure facilities to the tourism industry. There are accordingly many areas where graduates can be:

outdoor sports providers

outdoor education

Outdoor sporting goods manufacturer


Outdoor event agency

The growing outdoor industry shows a high demand for qualified workers. You can already gain initial insight into the outdoor industry through internships that accompany studies, and make initial contact. A broad network will help you increase your career opportunities. The salary differs depending on the industry, company and job offer. The gross entry fee is around 2,000 - 3,000 euros per month, although you have no limits up here.

Studying Outdoor Studies Abroad

Outdoor Studies is a very international field of study that can be studied not only in Germany but worldwide. It may be interesting for you to spend part of your studies abroad. Outdoor studies programs are very dependent on their environment, which is why you may be thinking of places like Alaska or Australia. But there are also other countries that have the necessary conditions and are much better adapted to the narrow student sports wallet.

Upskill Study offers a wonderful semester abroad in Bali with six different courses, all of which deal with the study of outdoor studies. The great thing about staying abroad through Upskill Stuy Bali is that besides unique insights into Balinese culture and exciting tasks, you can also collect up to 30 ECTS. There is also the possibility to have your semester abroad credited, however, you should first clarify the conditions with the subject coordination or the international office of your university.

One semester in Bali costs around 2,950 euros, whereas you have to plan for one semester on Alaska or in Australia with 10,000 - 20,000 dollars. So you can not only study where others spend their holidays, but also save a lot of money in Bali.

The Upskill Study Courses

Your foreign semester in outdoor studies is structured in six courses by Upskill Study and Udayana University. You will get to know the topics "adventure and outdoor sports", "sports, tourism and economics", "theorethic and practical training" and "sports and IT". In addition, you will be offered a practical student project at and the Indonesian language as modules.

The prerequisite for a successful study abroad in outdoor studies in Bali is the coordination of the stay with your study consultant. Check if the offered courses are similar to the modules in your studies in Germany. This step is important to know which courses you want to take here are

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Further Information about Studying Sports Abroad

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