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Physiotherapy Internship Abroad

As a trainee or student in the field of physiotherapy, you can test your knowledge and gain additional experience in the health sector during an internship abroad. Learn about different treatment approaches as well as other variations in the health system and work with patients from other cultures.

Why complete an internship abroad in physiotheraphy?

Get acquainted with new treatments and methods of health promotion

Prepare for your future profession where you will be working with patients from different backgrounds. During an international stay you will learn how to adapt to people from different cultures.

What Types of Physiotherapy Internships are there?

You can use an internship before training as a physiotherapist for orientation, or even to gain practical experience. In addition to the first practical experiences, you gain insights into how to deal with patients from other countries and expand your language skills. An international internship in physiotherapy is possible in various facilities and areas of application.

Internship in a Hospital

Physiotherapists in hospitals or clinics are eager to get their patients back on their feet after an accident so that they can continue in their daily life without any restrictions.

Internship in a Private Practice

In private physiotherapy practices, the focus is on a longer-term treatment of patients. Whether after an operation or illness, the physiotherapist restores or improves the movement and functionality of the body.

Internship in Sports Physiotherapy

A popular branch of physiotherapy is in sports. Whether in clubs, fitness studios or specially designed practices, sports physiotherapy focuses on sports injuries and improving the performance of the body.

Internship in Animal Physiotherapy

Yes, animal physiotherapy is also available. This is another specialization within physiotherapy. The aim here is to maintain the mobility of older animals or to increase the performance of sports animals.

Top Destinationsfor an Physiotherapy Internship Abroad

What added value do I bring to the company as a physiotherapist intern?

Whether before, during or after completing your education or studies in physiotherapy - you are always welcomed extra support for the host company. In some countries, the health system is not so well developed, so any assistance is appreciated. In addition, you can integrate new treatment approaches into the host company with your knowledge and experience from your home country.

Request an Individual Internship

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