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Sports Study Abroad

You always wanted to go abroad and at the same time not neglect your studies? Your love for sport crosses all national borders? Then a semester abroad in sports on the Indonesian island of Bali is just the right thing for you! According to our motto 'Make the world your classroom', nature is our playground. Hardly any other course of study than sport fits better into the natural conditions of the island of Bali. And that's exactly what we want to teach in this course and make your semester abroad in sport unforgettable. Whether diving, surfing, climbing or mountain biking. Here you can let off steam and immerse yourself in new sports. There are no limits!

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Sports and Sport-Science

The semester abroad is designed for Bachelor students who are enrolled at a college or university. The following article describes in detail the requirements for enrollment, the structure of the sport and sports science studies, professional prospects, and the Upskill Study program.

In your sports studies, you will learn basic knowledge in the natural sciences, social sciences, and sports sciences. Your competence will also expand in the fields of medicine and research methods. Another central aspect is the work on our own research projects, which must be carried out and evaluated independently. In sports practice, the basics of sports are introduced and deepened. Due to its theoretical and practical design, sports studies are very varied and exciting.

Requirements for Matriculation

To be admitted to study sports, you must pass a sports aptitude test. The candidates are tested for technical and tactical skills and abilities in various individual and team sports. The documents can only be submitted for application after passing the sport aptitude test. The date of the aptitude test varies from university to university and state to state. As soon as the selection process has been carried out by the university, you will receive a letter of admission with which you can enroll. It is important to look for the deadlines set by the university. These can be found on the notification of admission.

Where can I study Sports Science in Germany?

The sports science course can be taken throughout Germany. In the far north in Kiel, in the city of poets and thinkers Leipzig, at Lake Constance or in Bochum in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Bachelor's program is offered at numerous universities. However, the prerequisite for this is to pass a sport aptitude test that is quite a challenge. In addition to the practical suitability for sports, it is also helpful to have already gained experience in the sport. In independent practice or as a trainer or instructor. The practical part is a big advantage of the study of sports science, which makes the theoretical background of movements, anatomical facts, or sport psychology theories somewhat easier. If you decide to study sports science, you can assume that the collected understanding of sports is very broad at the end of your studies. Further information on sport studies can be found on the Internet.

How are the bachelor's degree programmes in Sports Science structured?

There are basic lectures in every Bachelor's programme in sports science, which serve to introduce students to sports science and to develop specific theoretical and thematic fields. The fields in the core subject are for example biomechanics, training science, sports medicine with the subjects anatomy and physiology, sports psychology and sociology, sports pedagogy, sports motorics or sports science research methods. These are further deepened in the theoretical training of the course. Central aspects are independent work on projects, dealing with research results and problems, as well as the practical application of the learned skills. In the compulsory elective subject, which varies from university to university, you will learn target-group-specific contents in a practical way and your learned competences will be further deepened. Besides theory, practical sports training is not neglected. In numerous sports you will learn the basics and you can try out new sports. The standard period of study is six semesters and consists of 180 credit points. The website offers you an overview of studying sports in Germany, where you can get more information about the courses and universities.

Job description, Career Opportunities, and Salary

Graduates of the Bachelor of Sports Science can be employed in a wide range of professional fields. In companies for company health promotion, in sports management and marketing, in sports-therapeutic facilities such as clinics and health insurance funds, in fitness and performance centers, in institutions for sports administration such as clubs, associations, and municipalities, or in sports tourism (fitness, wellness, rehabilitation). Knowledge of English is an advantage in all professional fields, as it improves your chances and makes you internationally applicable. Internships during your studies give you an insight into everyday professional life, make your first contacts in the world of sport, and thus increase your career opportunities. The salary varies according to the field of work and degree. With a Master's degree, you have a better chance of getting a well-paid job. However, when choosing a career, the focus should be on the passion for the sport. If you are good at what you do and have fun doing it, you will inevitably earn more over time.

Studying Sports Science Abroad

The study plan and the module manuals of the sports science course do not include a semester abroad. Many sports faculties have pronounced international cooperation, others do not. A stay abroad must be initiated on your own initiative. Information on programmes can be found on the institution's website. For the first time, Upskill Study offers the course of Sports Science studies in cooperation with the University of Udayana in Bali. Be a part when the program is in the starting blocks! Not only the favorable conditions offered by studying abroad in Bali, but also the fantastic surroundings and the multitude of course options promise an exciting and eventful semester in a new culture. The crediting of ECTS should be agreed in advance with the foreign coordinator of your university.

The Upskill Study Courses

The courses offered by Upskill Study and the University of Udayana not only offer basic sports science topics such as 'Sport Motorics', 'Sports Medicine', 'Biomechanics', 'Sports Psychology and Sociology', 'Training Science' or 'Sports Education'. You will also be offered a variety of practical sport opportunities. The practical training includes the courses 'Surfing', 'Diving', 'Climbing', 'Kite Surfing', 'Yoga', 'Pencak Silat', 'Trekking', 'Stand Up Paddling', 'Canoeing', 'Mountain Biking', 'Outdoor Fitness' and 'Beach Games'.

A prerequisite for a successful semester abroad in sports in Bali is the exact coordination of your stay with your university. Check which of the courses are very similar to the courses at your university in Germany. In order to make your study abroad in Bali as effective as possible, you should discuss with the subject coordinator for stays abroad at your faculty which courses that you would like to take here can be credited.

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Further Information about Studying Sports Abroad

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