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Sports Internship Abroad

Are sports your passion? Are you looking to gain international experience? An internship abroad gives you the opportunity to do so. Spread your love for football to students in China, Ghana or Zanzibar or teach children in New Zealand to learn to swim

Why Complete an International Internship in Sports?

An internship abroad gives you the opportunity to implement your ideas and build a network - you may enjoy it so much that you would like to work with your host company again in the future.

During an internship, you improve your language skills and you also get to know a new country and other cultures

What are Some Types of Sports Internships?

Internship in a Sports Company

In a sports company, e.g. a sporting goods manufacturer, there are different areas for an internship. From marketing to supervising the production of new products, there are many possibilities. There are also internship opportunities with companies that organize events and international competitions.

Internship in Sports Media

Intern in a media company with a focus on sports, sports journalism or sports marketing. Here they cover (professional) sports clubs, athletes, as well as sporting goods manufacturers, or they develop professional sports journals.

Internship as a Trainer/Coach or Sports Instructor

In addition to sports clubs, as a sports trainer or coach, you may work in clinics or rehabilitation centers as well. You may also enjoy teaching a sport and inspire new athletes. In schools, sports instructors teach students in more than one sport and have a broad repertoire of sports knowledge.

Internship in a Health Insurance Company

In the field of health insurance, for example, sports students are also needed to help develop new fitness plans and other health promotion measures.

Top Destinations for a Sports Internship Abroad

What added value do I bring to the Company as a Sports Trainee?

Even if you are still continuing your studies or your education, as long as you have a passion for sports you qualify. For example, as a football coach your fresh energy spreads to your students. You bring new ideas and perspectives, as well as creative problem solving into the company and thus provide real added value.

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