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Bird conservation volunteering in Bali, Indonesia


from 4 weeks

Working hours


Minimum age

from 18 years


not required

Language skills

Good english knowledge

Overview: Bird Conservation Volunteering in Bali, Indonesia

Established in 1999, this Animal Conservation Project held the aim to save a really unique and precious bird from the very real threat of extinction: the Bali Starling. The bird is now one of the most endangered species worldwide. Due to the expansion of touristic area and infrastructure, the Bali Star was almost being extincted within only 40 years. The bird only exists on the islands of Bali and Nusa Penida.  This Ubud based conservation center, brings together nature enthusiasts from different spheres of human endeavour under the umbrella of increasing the awareness of starlings conservation. This foundation aims to educate on the importance of starling birds to the conservation of nature while ensuring the systematic collation of bird information through periodic birding trips and other activities that promote bird conservation.
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Service volunteer in Bali - what's in and what's not in

Services for your volunteer work abroad include the active support in the preparation of your entire stay abroad. The team of our partner organization in each country supports you, wherever you require it: What's included:
  • Placement in a volunteer project according to you demands
  • Assisting visa application
  • Information about cheap flights, travel insurances and other important travel documents
  • Airport transportation with direct transfer to your accommodation
  • Accommodation (host family or shared flat or apartment)
  • Teaching introduction
  • Organization of a rental car or scooter
  • Orientation on site through a staff member
  • Tips and information about freetime activities
  • Prepaid SIM card for your phone
  • Contact person during your stay abroad
  • 24-hour emergency number
  • Regular meetings with all volunteers or interns
  • Certificate
What’s not included:
  • Visa 
  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Food

Your coordinator in Bali, Indonesia

All internship and volunteer programs in Bali are coordinated by Laura and Rima. Laura was born in Surabaya, Java, and moved to Bali several years ago to finish her English Literature Master in Cultural studies. Rima, joined the team after returning home from from her 4-year stay in Germany.  The young and energetic team will assist you during your travel preparations and during your entire stay on the island. Moreover, they regularly organise meetings with all interns and volunteers and are happy to share insider tips, that will make your stay unique and unforgettable.