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Virtual Internship Abroad

Online Internship from Home

There are many situations - predictable or not - that make traveling difficult or even impossible. Nevertheless, you can still do an internship in an international company, simply online! If you wish to do a compulsory internship, you have the possibility to do it from home.

Online Internship Abroad

Not having any financial backup to travel for an internship?

Wanting to gain international work experience from home?

Looking for a compulsory internship with flexible working hours?

Online Internship Quick Facts

  • 100% placement, even at short notice!

  • Duration from 4 to 12 weeks

  • No travel expenses, no visa costs

  • Flexible working hours, flexible workplace

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Which Country & Industry Suits You?

You can do a remote internship in international companies in different countries. Tell us about your goals and ideas, we will find the right destination and internship industry for you!

Work Internationally from Home!

Gain international work experience without leaving home. This is only possible thanks to our digitalized world, thus removing a barrier that many students are constantly faced with: traveling to a distant country. Because: Travel is an investment that many people have to save for. And since the fewest internships are allowed to be paid, no income can be expected during an internship abroad.

Whether you do the internship from home or from another place in the world is basically irrelevant. It is important that you have a good Internet connection and that you are available for agreed virtual meetings.

Available Fields & Industries

Of course, not all industries can be made available via an online internship. However, areas in which a large part of the work is carried out with the help of modern work technologies are particularly well suited for this. Companies that already have structured training plans for interns are also well suited for virtual internships.

Marketing/ Online Marketing







Countries that Offer Virtual Work Placements

As the topic of a virtual internship is still quite new, the available host companies are so far only found in selected countries. However, we are always working to convince more companies about the advantages of virtual internships so that they can find internships for you in as many areas and different languages as possible.

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Virtual Internship in Australia

Some Australian companies offer you the possibility of an online internship of 8 weeks or 12 weeks. Even if the normally popular industries such as hospitality or tourism are not possible, especially industries such as marketing or IT can very well be done virtually.

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Virtual Internship in Valencia

Online internships allow interns to gain experience on an international level, but at the same time to be independent of location. In Valencia, Spain, some companies also offer international interns the opportunity to start their internship abroad online.

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Virtual Internship in Singapore

Even with online internship cultural skills can be acquired. A virtual internship in Singapore allows you to get a taste of the working atmosphere of a company in Southeast Asia and gain international work experience.

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Virtual Internship in Ireland

Social Media, Marketing, IT, and Web Design - in these areas we can already offer virtual internships in Ireland. There is also the possibility to take an online course in English!

The Placement Process

The placement of a virtual internship is similar to a normal internship abroad. After a personal interview with us and your revised application documents, we will start the placement in a foreign company in your internship area. In a Skype or phone interview, the host company can get a picture of you and you too can learn more about the job description. Once the internship is confirmed, you will receive an internship contract in which the duration of the internship, working hours, and work areas are defined and then you can start!

The time-consuming planning of the visa and the trip to the country itself is of course not necessary here. So you can not only start an internship at short notice but also without financial planning

This should be emphasized in the virtual internship:

Meeting Schedules & Work-Plans

Regular meetings and digital team meetings are the be-all and end-all of your virtual internship abroad! Because where you usually have the opportunity to ask your work colleagues for advice at any time, now you only have the opportunity for team meetings. For you, this means structuring and collecting your questions and then working through them in online meetings.

Definition of Objectives

Many tasks you now have to do independently from home. Furthermore, there is not always the possibility to clarify questions directly with your supervisor. As a result, you should define goals together with your internship company, especially at the beginning. What exactly is your task, how much work should you invest in which part, which tasks are not part of your responsibility, etc. Over the duration of the internship this will be easier for you and you will also practice project management very well!


Even though you may have flexible working hours and can plan your own daily routine, you should always be available for your employer. Depending on the location of the host company and the time difference, this can mean being online at night for a meeting or for queries.