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Volunteering in South Africa

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Volunteering in South Africa

From 2 Weeks

Some of the programs are available for a minimum duration of 2 weeks.

Program Start

The programs start every Monday.

English Level

The projects require good English skills.

Project Location

The projects are located in Cape Town

Social Commitment in South Africa

This is where the programs catch on that we support with our partners in South Africa. Volunteers can teach in various nursery and primary schools, helping out in children's homes and orphanages or fight against the oppression of women. Because of the existing poverty in the townships, the decision to travel to Cape Town, is often a very critical one. Our former interns and volunteers prove that danger and violence in Cape Town are not a constant companion. On the contrary, they enthuse about their time abroad and are the prey of "South Africa virus ". Cape Town offers simply authentic experiences in all areas and "anything your heart desires."

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Program Information

Social Work

Domestic violence against women and children is a big problem, especially in the townships. Many women see the power of their husbands extradited because they financially depend on them. For women, it is difficult to find a job and take care of home and children. Many projects try to support and offer a better future for the children and women; as the women's project in Lavender Hill, for example. Victims of sexual or domestic violence are supported here. They get access to education and a safe place where they can live freely and without fear. In a children's home will be granted a shelter that has been abused or is due to poverty, crime, violence, and drug consumption. Your responsibilities generally include:

women and child care

logistical support to the projects


the planning of sports activities or other excursions

Wildlife and Animal Welfare Projects

The wildlife and animal welfare projects in and around Cape Town include a wide range of animal welfare, animal care, veterinary medicine and work in wildlife. The background of all programs is to protect animals that are threatened with extinction or have been abused and neglected by human. Volunteers can work for various endangered species like the African penguin or the cheetah.

Anyone who thinks that this is always very monotonous work, perhaps may even be right, because the animals need to be fed in the regular procedure every day, humanely cared for and the stations have to be cleaned. Right there, the local zoo keepers need assistance. The volunteering in animal welfare also holds some new challenges in store: animal releases , special PR or marketing campaigns or educational events provide an exciting variety in the zookeepers everyday business. In addition, you work as a volunteer in animal rights side by side with local zookeepers and learn a lot about South African culture and you can improve your English skills.

Do they only need experienced veterinarians? No, this is not correct. Everyone can help even without prior experience, who brings the appropriate dedication to the animal and nature protection and who is ready to leave his "comfort zone" – because animal care does not always mean hugging cute pets.

Education is the Gateway to Freedom

Nelson Mandela once said:

"Educations is the gateway to freedom, democracy, and development."

Education is also a prerequisite to keep children away from violence and crime. Many schools are therefore supported by international volunteers who not only teach but also take a role model for the children. You can teach, for example in a primary school in the Bo-Kaap. The school offers a comprehensive full-day care and specialized learning facilities for a total of 462 children who come mainly from the district of Bo-Kaap.

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