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Discovering Cape Town : Take a Quick Trip With Us

Before going to Cape Town, you may want to get a little deeper insight into the paradise in South Africa


See the "Big Five" of Africa on a Game Drive just beyond Table Mountain, and discover the unique beauty of Africa’s wildlife. If you are lucky to be there during the right season, you also have the opportunity for whale watching. As a volunteer you can participate in an animal conservation project, contributing to the protection of particular species and getting up-close, hands-on experience. Whether you assist the rescue of lions, help raise baby cheetahs or care for endangered penguins, Cape Town offers a variety of opportunities for volunteering with animals.


The food in Cape Town is incredibly delicious and also reasonably priced. The selection is huge, especially between tender steaks and other unique game meat dishes. This is often prepared in-house Braai style (South African barbecue), which is regarded as a national sport. Cape Malay cuisine is also highly recommended.

If you are a sushi fan, you will definitely love Cape Town! The quality is great and much cheaper than in the US and Europe. A trip to the vineyards is also a must! Whether Stellenbosch, Franschhoek or the area around Constantia - you and your friends can enjoy a day of wine tasting and beautiful views. The South African wines are known worldwide, and for good reason.

Day Trip to The Cape

Another absolute must is a day trip to the Cape of Good Hope, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Continue on from the cape and reach Simon's Town, a picturesque little village. On the way back, stop by the growing fishing village of Kommetjie, which is also a popular spot for surfers. Then, just before dusk, take a break at Chapmans Peak and enjoy a breathtaking sunset sipping at your "Savanna" beer.

Tip: Keep your car windows and doors closed while at Cape Point, greedy baboons live there and they are not shy! They can even open the car doors!

Sports at The Cape

The range of sports facilities and outdoor activities is inexhaustible. Highly recommended for every visitor is a day trip up Table Mountain. There are many paths up and down from all different directions. Especially recommended is a hike to the Kirstenbosch Garden, a wonderful hike that takes you to one of the most beautiful gardens. (FYI, in the summer, concerts are held there.) For those of you who don't have so much time, you can hike up to Lion’s Head in just an hour. From there you can discover paragliding and get a view of the city from a bird's-eye view. Parachuting and abseiling are also popular in the Cape and some of our interns and volunteers have been bungee jumping off one of the highest bungee bridges in the world.

Biking and hiking are great ways to explore South Africa's scenic diversity. And, in general, the entire coast is a paradise for surfers, kite surfers, windsurfers or divers.

Poverty in Cape Town

Unfortunately, not all people have the privilege of a sufficient supply of daily food. Therefore, generally speaking, no food is simply thrown away in Cape Town. When eating at a restaurant, any leftovers will be wrapped up for you to take away. Of course, you can save it for a meal the next day, or you can give it to one of the homeless people you meet on the way home. It may feel funny giving your half-eaten food to a stranger, but they don’t mind at all and their grateful smile shows their appreciation.

The children of Cape Town are greatly dependent on the active assistance from volunteer programs. The children from the townships are not responsible for their situation and are in need of special help. No, your commitment as a volunteer will not change the world, but it will make a difference, it will help improve the lives of these children. A little knowledge goes a long way. Learning a small fact can cause a great smile, and better education increases the chances of a brighter future for the children in the township.

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