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Summer School in Bali

For those for whom a semester abroad in Bali is not feasible due to time constraints, these summer sessions in Bali offer an interesting alternative. Students as well as all those interested in the conservation of the marine ecosystem have the unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the topic of environmental protection and sustainability in only 4 weeks.

In addition to intensive teaching units at Udayana University Bali, you will visit various case studies together with professors, specialists, and committed locals and work out solutions together. These intensive courses offer a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the challenges of environmental protection in a very short time and to gain additional qualifications for your studies or professional career in addition to specialist knowledge.

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Fast Facts

Course location: Udayana University Bali, Indonesia

Duration: 4 weeks

Date: 17.07.2021 - 14.08.2021

Application deadline: 15.05.2021

Course language: English (language level B1/B2)

ECTS points: up to 6 ECTS possible

Number of participants: maximum of 20 per course

Target group: Students, university applicants, career starters and graduates

Who are the Summer Courses open to?

These programs are summer courses for university studies, but can also be considered as further education courses for the job. Anyone with an interest in marine biology or environmental protection in general can take part; you are also welcome to spend your summer in the tropics in a different and active way. As the course is only 4 weeks in June/July, it can be taken during the summer or semester holidays.

Eco Tourism & Sustainability Summer School Bali

In this intensive 4 week summer course you will not only learn about the influence of the rapidly growing tourism industry on Bali, but also understand it. In addition to learning about the topic, you will see during various excursions how sustainable tourism has been implemented in Bali and how it has a positive impact on both natural resources and the local community.

In focus: sustainable tourism, ecotourism, marine and environmental protection, strengthening the local community

ECTS: Up to 5 ECTS are awarded by Udayana University.

Certificate: A certificate is issued at the end of the course.

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Coral Reef Restoration Summer School Bali

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Diving into Bali's underwater world and exploring the coral reefs - this is the focus of this 4-week summer course. Learn which coral species predominate in the tropics, but also which dangers climate change and ocean acidification pose to the health of coral reefs. During several excursions, you will learn about different approaches to restore the coral reefs

In focus: Coral reef species in the tropics, marine acidification and coral bleaching, approaches to reef restoration

ECTS: Up to 5 ECTS are awarded by Udayana University.

Certification: A certificate is issued at the end of the course.


Intercultural Communication & Multifaceted Globalization Summer School in Bali

Understanding cultures and other cultural values is one of the key competences asked for during most job applications. This 4 week summer course you will study social attributes, thought patterns and culture of different groups of people in Bali. Furthermore, you will see how globalization has its impact on traditional customs and values in Bali. Various field trips will help you understand and practive intercultural communication.

In focus: Intercultural communication, globalization and social change, communal space, Indonesian Social-Cultural-Political insight, political ecology

ECTS: Up to 5 ECTS are awarded by Udayana University.

Certificate: A certificate is issued at the end of the course.

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