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Exploring Costa Rica! Where to Go?

You can go from the East to West, North or South and feel like you are in a different country, StudentsGoAbroad tells you which region would be interesting for you.

Costa Rica is a small country with great diversity in its geography, flora and fauna and culture. You can go from the East to West, North or South and feel like you are in a different country. We always recommend long trips, in order to really get a feel for the life in a specific place and have time to explore as much as possible. However, for those of you who are on a time budget you may wonder where to go to get the most out of your trip. Costa Rica has 7 provinces, here we break it down for you into North Pacific, South Pacific, Central and Caribbean. No matter where you choose to go, you will surely run into adventure and relaxation.


Just like it sounds. Pristine beaches, white sand, turquoise water and a reef of all the colors of the rainbow. The consistent rain keeps its various mountains, valleys, riverbanks and rain forest lush and green all year round. A land where Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean cultures combine to create hip, laid- back-vibe beach towns. You can taste these two influences in their food and hear it in their music and language.

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North Pacific

Las Vegas meets Miami Beach. Breathtaking Special Effect Shows, spectacular driest region of Costa Rica. It does not get so much rain and the sun shines more than in any other part of the country. You will find low, tropical fields where cows graze, semi active volcanoes, lakes and a rugged yet beautiful. On the coast you will notice the mix of Tico and expat culture.

South Pacific

Where rich lush, dense rain forests and jungle filled mountains meet a rugged coast. It is the most bio diverse region of the country and most of it is uninhabited and protected. It is less visited by tourist and undeveloped, you won't find fancy hotels here and it can be difficult to get around, but it is possible if you are looking for real, rugged adventure.

Central Costa Rica

Characterized by high mountains, rolling green hills and beautiful, easily accessible coastline. The coast is more developed, you will find a large population of expats, resorts, big hotels, golfing, modern conveniences, fast food chains, international food, party towns like Jaco. The Central Valley is home to 4 of Costa Rica’s volcano peaks, 2 of which are active.

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