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Praktikum ++ Freiwilligenarbeit ++ Costa Rica

Your Security in Costa Rica

Have no fear! Let's talk about security in Costa Rica to give you more insight.

"How safe is Costa Rica really?"

... you are probably wondering if you are thinking about volunteering in this country. Let's be honest: it is a small developing country in Latin America that in many ways cannot be compared to Europe. What you really should pay attention to are the small occasional thefts that are more common in developing countries.

The Basic Rules

Pay attention to your belongings with every activity, then thieves should not have a chance with you. The basic rules are:

  • Try to get valuables out of sight, or don't even bring them out of your room.

  • Copy your passport and always carry this copy with you. You'd rather leave your pass in the safe.

  • Did you borrow a car? Then don't leave anything unattended in the car, not even in the trunk.

  • You are planning a day on the beach and want to jump into the water quickly. Don't bring anything with you, or let friends take care of your things. If you think that your old worn-out sandals are gone, you are wrong. Because things are gone before you realize you've left something.

  • Don't bring your laptop out of your room. Nature is far more interesting than the screen.

Group Travel

Thieves are easy when you stroll the streets alone; especially at night in the big cities. Should you still be out in the evening, always go with friends and use a taxi.

Follow the Traffic Rules

Well, Ticos don't, but you should. In the event that you should be stopped by the police, just pay the fine and continue.

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