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Praktikum ++ Freiwilligenarbeit ++ Australien

Visa for Your Stay Abroad in Australia

Whoever wants to do an internship in Australia is often faced with the question: Which visa do I need for my internship in Australia? Read our insights on which visa may be the best choice

We recommend the Working Holiday Visa 417 (or Work and Holiday Visa 462).

The "Working Holiday Visa or Work and Holiday" is the most common visa for an internship in Australia and also allows you to travel and work after your internship. Other types of visas, such as the occupational trainee, are possible in principle, but always involve a lot of effort on the part of the host company.

When do I have to apply for a visa at the latest?

You can apply for the "Working Holiday Visa" all year round on the website of the Australian embassy, you will receive the confirmation about 2 to 6 weeks after the application. You need a valid passport to apply. This must be valid for at least six months at the time of application. However, it should be valid beyond the planned length of stay, since the visa is linked to the passport number. In addition, you must not be in Australia with an invalid passport.

In order to be able to work in the social or medical field or if you have lived abroad for a longer period (certain countries with health risks), you also need a health examination from a recognized doctor. In this case, the application takes longer.

Working Holiday Visum

Conditions of the Working Holiday Visa:

Nationality: Unlimited available for Germans and not / limited possible for Swiss and Austrians

Age: Between 18 and 30 years old when applying

Valid passport

Type and company of the internship: Any employer possible

Internship duration: maximum of 6 months per employer

Financial proof of approximately € 3,200 (AU $ 5,000) upon entry (certified copy of an account statement that is no older than 4 weeks; the name of the account holder must match that of the passport)

When returning to Australia, a return flight ticket must be presented or the money corresponding to the ticket must be presented

The WHV application must be made outside of Australia

No criminal record allowed

You must never have applied for a visa before

Visa costs: AUD 440 (approx. 280 euros; as of May 2019)

Travel time in the end: stay in Australia must not exceed 12 months, travel within the time flexible, depending on the employer

Obtaining a working holiday visa is much easier than an occupational trainee, as there is no nomination by the employer and it can be applied for without a previous internship. In theory, there is the possibility of knocking on the door of a company with the Working Holiday Visa in Australia and asking for a job. Find out for yourself on the Australian Embassy's website whether you meet the visa requirements and what the application process is.

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