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Exciting internship abroad at an elementary school in Sydney Australia

Creative Internship in Barcelona Mosaic Studio - An unforgettable time




Aylin went to Barcelona for two exciting months with StudentsGoAbroad. Here she not only gained great experience during her internship in a mosaic studio, but above all got to know and appreciate the local way of life. In this blog she reports about her Spanish experience during her internship abroad .

I am Aylin from Germany and I had the privilege to spend two unforgettable months in Barcelona, a city rich in culture and history. During this time I had the opportunity to get to know the fascinating facets of the country and its people.

Aylin in Barcelona during her internship abroad

Internship and everyday working life

One of the highlights of my stay in Barcelona was the opportunity to work in an exciting company. The work culture was dynamic and inspiring. Not only was I able to develop my language skills, but I also gained insight into the world of the artist Gaudí. The team was warm and supportive.


Free time in Barcelona was equally exciting. The city offered a wealth of activities and sights. The famous Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and the lively La Rambla were just a few of the places I was able to explore. Barcelona's rich history and architecture fascinated me every step of the way. The Spanish cuisine also deserves a mention. Tapas, paella, and chocolate churros were just a few of the culinary delights I was able to enjoy.

  • City exploration in Barcelona at the internship with StudentsGoAbroad
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The encounters with the local people were the heart of my trip. I made friendships that will last beyond my time in Barcelona. The openness and hospitality of the Spanish people enriched my stay. In summary, my time in Barcelona was an incredibly wonderful experience that has had a lasting impact on my life. I would jump at the chance to do an internship abroad in this city again anytime. Barcelona will always have a special place in my heart.

Art internship in Spain

Written by Aylin from Germany (Intern in Spain with StudentsGoAbroad)