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Volunteering in Sri Lanka

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Volunteering in Sri Lanka

From 2 Weeks

Some of the programs are available for a minimum duration of 2 weeks.

Program Start

The programs start every Monday.

French Level

Basic knowledge is an advantage but not mandatory.

Project Location

The projects are located in Ambalangoda, Hanguranketha, and Kandy.

The Other Side of the Story

Each volunteer program in Sri Lanka is preceded by a introduction week. Just when it is your first trip to Asia, you should give yourself some time to take all the impressions in. The best way to do this is with other volunteers together, who also dared to go on a journey far from home and also don’t know the local culture yet. Besides information about safety and rules, you will also find out what exactly the Sri Lankan culture is about. The introductory program also includes language lessons in the Sinhala language, which will prepare you even better for your volunteer work in Sri Lanka - even though most locals speak and understand a basic English, a few phrases in the local language are always helpful.

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Program Information

Medical Internship in a Teaching Hospital in Kandy

For students or apprentices in the department of medicine, this medical internship offers a great opportunity to get some insights into the local medical practices, which are very different from the European ones. Often there is only a basic set of instruments and medicines available for the local doctors to treat the patients. You will participate in the same training programs as the medical students at the University of Colombo.

Teaching English in Hill Country

The idyllic highland and ancient temples are the reason why many tourists travel to Hill Country, right in the heart of the island. This is exactly where Kandy – the undisputed cultural center of Sri Lanka, is located, in which your journey will begin. Kandy offers a good balance between exotic culture and tourism and is therefore the perfect place to spend the first days during an introduction week. As a volunteer you have the opportunity to support local teachers in various kindergartens and schools during English classes.

About a one hour drive away from Kandy you will find Hanguranketha. As volunteer teacher in preschools and private schools you can bring the English language closer to the children through games and music Hanguranketha, too.

Marine Conservation in Ambalangoda

It only takes about 5 hours by train or 3 hours by taxi to get in a completely different world: the coastal town of Ambalangoda. This place on the Indian Ocean is a popular spot for turtles to return over and over again to lay their eggs. During the volunteer work in a turtle conservation center you can help the animal keepers to protect these endangered species and maintain the population. There are about 5 different species in the conservation center: the leatherback turtle, the loggerhead turtle, the hauxville and the green sea turtle as well as the olive ridley turtle.

Get to know Sri Lanka’s history

Describing Sri Lanka without sinking into endless wanderlust is almost impossible! On a relatively small terrain, just as large as Ireland, you will travel from one world to the next within a really short time. Even if Sri Lanka was shaped by Buddhism, traders and travelers from Europe, Saudi Arabia or other Asian countries have left their mark there. Today Sri Lanka is a multicultural country, which has at last left behind years of civil wars and is now building a new national identity. Having some background knowledge about the country itself and its history has never hurt anybody and will certainly help you to be more prepared for your volunteer work in Sri Lanka.

Country information and history of Sri Lanka

The “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” - Why should you go to Sri Lanka?

Apart from palm trees, beaches and the opportunity to work sustainably for the local community and environment, Sri Lanka is a real treasure trove for those seeking the exotic adventure.

Elephants, elephants and more elephants

The majestic gray giant will not only bother you once, the Sri Lankan elephant is protected by the law after the stock fell by almost 65% in the last century. The best way to see the elephants is in the wilderness during a safari through one of the many national parks or during the Sri Lanka adventurer package.

Fisherman on the stick

This is really something you can only find in Sri Lanka: the fishermen sit on small stilts 1-2 meters above the water surface for fishing. A real balancing act and a unique show!

A charming folk that you can even understand

During your volunteer work in Sri Lanka you will realize soon how kind and polite the people will met you; here and there also a little bit shy sometimes.With English, you are in good hands in Sri Lanka: until 1948, the island was still a British colony. Even today English is used as a lingua franca between the different cultures. However, the Sri Lankan English (SLE) is a kind of Creole, which differs mainly in the pronunciation from British English.

Sri Lanka is for body and mind

Same as in India, yoga and ayurveda are traditionally practiced in Sri Lanka. Before or after your volunteer work you shouldn’t miss out on experiencing authentic yoga in front of a breathtaking background, and to learn more about your body, your health and your soul.

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