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Local Coordinator ++ Volunteer ++ Internship ++ New Zealand

Say Hi to Your Local Coordinator in New Zealand

Meet our local coordinator who will help make your stay in New Zealand the fullest it can possibly be!

We would like to briefly introduce the team from our partner office in New Zealand. Monique and Her Colleagues will help you in your volunteer project or internship placement and organization. They will gladly share their inside knowledge with you - and help make your time as globetrotter become the highlight of your life!

Meet Monique!

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Monique is our good soul in New Zealand. Her biggest wish is that all volunteers and interns will go home with the feeling that they will miss this great country with the always friendly people in the future. Then she knows that she has done a good job and that her guests have enjoyed the adventure of their lives to the fullest. She enjoys her free time mostly together with her family or with a glass of good wine and a book in her hands.

Where Are You From Originally?

New Zealand

When Did You Start Providing Internships and Volunteer Travels?

4 years ago

Where Else Have You Traveled So Far?

I have been to Australia, Fiji, Canada, America, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey Malaysia, and Bali!!

What is Your Interests in General?

I love to travel and to meet new people. I love the sun and summer time. I love my kids and family!

What Do You Love about Your Job?

Meeting such wonderful people, I have made some new friends through the interns and hope they all love NZ! Also when the interns are great and the companies really respect us for what we do, it's a good feeling.

What Do You Dislike about Your Job?

When I work hard for someone and then they change their mind and decide not to come.

What Do You Want to Show Us about Your (New) Home Country?

When I work hard for someone and then they change their mind and decide not to come.

How is Your Daily Life Going?

I get up, get the kids ready for school and Kindy, we walk the dog and then I go to work. After work, it's sports and dinner and then finish the day with a nice glass of wine and home-cooked meal!!

What Do You Do at Home to Relax Your Mind?

As above, glass of wine, cooking, and a good book!

Outdoor Activities You Love to Do?

We are always exploring, walking the beaches and swimming in the summer so: Yes!

Any Personal Future Plans You Don't Mind Sharing?

Finding that money tree which will make us rich!

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