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Child Protection Policy

It is our main concern to protect children and youths in the programs from any physical and mental harm. This policy applies to all employees and working processes of StudentsGoAbroad and its partner abroad. The code of conduct applies in addition to this policy. With these guidelines, we strive to educate our partner the best and provide important information for all participants.


These guidelines apply for all volunteer programs and internships in programs that involve children and youths, such as schools, other educational institutions of any kind, after school programs and also host families. All children in these programs are to be treated equally regardless of their origin, sex, religion or identity.

Roles and Responsibilities


StudentsGoAbroad is committed to look after the children's rights within the programs, to distribute them with the local coordinator and make sure they are understood.

Program Coordinator abroad:

The program coordinator abroad is responsible to follow our child protection policy and distribute them accordingly to the participants. They have the right to request a criminal records prior to arrival. If for any reason, the criminal record cannot be provided by a participant as requested, the participant can be rejected during the placement procedure. StudentGoAbroad commits its partners to make a proper risk assessment of the data provided by the participants.

The local coordinator is requested to check the behavior of participants in the programs and take measurements where needed.

Programs (host companies/organizations/institutions):

All programs are requested to report any suspicious behavior of employees, voluntary workers or other persons related to the program immediately to the local coordinator.


Each participant is requested to hand in the criminal record before leaving his/her home country. After having arrived in the program destination or before program start the participant is requested to accept and sign the Child Protection Policy. Participants are requested to follow these guidelines.

General Guidelines in Dealing with Children and Youths:

The participants are a role model for the children and young adults and should act in an exemplary manner in every situation.

Participants need to be relaxed and calm, and by no means act angry or in an impulsive way.

It is strictly forbidden to invite the children to excursions outside the program area if it has not been communicated with the program coordinator in the project.

It is not allowed to take food or presents for the children to the program if it has not been communicated and authorized by the program coordinator.

Recordings (images or videos) with children and young adults are only allowed after approval from the program coordinator. Any recordings, that harm the dignity of children or young adults are strictly forbidden.

Posting pictures online and on social media accounts is only allowed after approval from the program coordinator.

Participants should maintain a basic distance to the children and young adults in the program. This means, that it is strictly forbidden to touch the children in a degrading, violent or sexual manner. Any violations will result in immediate termination of the program.

The address or the contact details of the institution is not to be communicated in public.

Respecting the Traditions and Religion

Participants, especially volunteers and interns, are not supposed to be sent abroad to convince the children and young adults of any values or ideologies of the 'western world'. It should be everyone's priority to act as a support for the local community or the educational institutions. Local values and customs should be accepted and taken into consideration. Of course, participants are always welcome to bring in own ideas in the form of games and activities, that support the children's personal, spiritual and vocational development. However, any new ideas need to be approved by the local coordinator.

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